Best hot springs in Colorado

19 Best hot springs in Colorado that you can’t miss

Colorado is home to some of the best hot springs in the United States. Although you can find many spectacular hot springs near Denver and Colorado Springs, the two largest cities in the state, many hot springs in Colorado are located in remote corners. 

Whether you want to take a quick drive to some of the best hot springs near Mile High City or take a skiing or hiking trip to the mountains and later explore some of the most spectacular hot springs in the state, this article got you covered. 

This guide breaks down the best hot springs in Colorado by area, so you can plan your trip. 

Best hot springs near Denver 

The capital of Colorado, Denver, is a popular starting point for many travelers. Home to the largest international airport in the state (code: DEN), this city boasts a thriving food scene, many cultural and historical landmarks, world-class museums, and proximity to the great outdoors. 

If you plan to spend a couple of days in this city, make sure to visit some of the best hot springs near Colorado capital that are less than one hour away.

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Located about 30 minutes away from Denver, Boulder is home to some of the best hot springs in Colorado

1. Eldorado Hot Springs, Boulder 

Distance to Denver: 29 miles (25 minutes)

Where to stay: Basecamp Boulder

Although most people don’t know this, the closest hot springs to Denver are in Boulder. El Dorado Hot Springs has been around for more than 100 years after it opened in 1905, and although it’s technically not hot springs, the pool with water from an underground spring, it’s still a great place to visit, especially because it remains one of the best-hidden gems in the Denver area.

PRO TIP: The bottled water Eldorado Springs that is sold all over Colorado also comes from this place. It’s considered some of the best-tasting water.

Address: 294 Artesian Dr, Eldorado Springs, Colorado

2. Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs

Distance to Denver: 32 miles (40 minutes)

Where to stay: The Silver Lake Lodge

One of the most popular hot springs near Denver, the Healing Waters Spa at the Indian Hot Springs has swimming pools, geothermal caves, and outdoor jacuzzis with mineral-rich water. The water here is fed by mineral-rich underground springs and the largest soaking pool where you can soak in these waters is located indoors in a big enclosed dome with lots of greenery.

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Located in the town of Indian Springs just off Interstate-70, this place can get busy, and the traffic can get bad along the Interstate during weekends, so always make sure to check availability and road conditions ahead of your visit. 

GOOD TO KNOW: For best experience, combine your trip with a hike to St. Mary’s Glacier, one of the most popular trails in the area, or take a scenic drive to Mount Evans, one of the most popular “fourteeners” in Colorado.

Address: 302 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs, Colorado

3. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort, Hot Sulphur Springs 

Distance to Denver: 98 miles (approximately 2 hours)

Where to stay: Canyon Motel

Located in the town of Hot Sulphur Springs, this resort boasts seven natural hot springs that are fed by underground mineral water with the temperature reaching up to 125 degrees! You can experience these mineral-rich waters by getting into one of the 21 hot springs pools. 

The resort also offers a variety of healing and wellness services such as massage and spa. 

If you have ever visited areas with bubbling hot springs, mud pools, and other geothermal features like those in Yellowstone National Park, you might recognize the smell – the pools at Hot Sulphur Springs Resort smell like rotten eggs. 

How to get to Hot Sulphur Springs from Denver

The drive to Hot Sulphur Hot Springs will take you through the mountainous areas of Colorado after you get off Interstate-70, so it’s important to have proper winter tires and chains if you are traveling here in winter.

The adventure is well worth it: Hot Sulphur Springs resort is one of the oldest hot springs resorts in the United States. 

Address: 5609 Springs Road, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

4. Cottonwood Hot Springs, Buena Vista 

Distance to Denver: 128 miles (2 hours and 20 minutes)

Where to stay: Rocky Mountain Cottage

A cute place located in one of the most beautiful Colorado mountain towns, Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa is a great alternative to remote getaways in Nathrop as it offers just as much scenery and access to many stores and restaurants in quaint downtown Buena Vista. 

Admission: Prices at Cottonwood Hot Springs start at $20 for adults and $18 for kids. 

Address: 18999 Colorado Road 306, Buena Vista, Colorado 

Located near Colorado Springs, Mount Princeton hot springs are some of the best Colorado hot springs

Best hot springs in Colorado Springs 

Located in the Pikes Peak region, Colorado Springs is an adventure capital of the state with many places within a quick drive where you can hit the trails, camp, and take in the incredible views. 

After enjoying some of the best adventures in Colorado Springs, it’s time to relax and get some of your energy back. There are numerous hot springs in the area that can be visited on a half-day trip from Colorado Springs.

Although there are no hot springs in the downtown area, all you need to do is get in your car and take a 2.5-hour drive.

5. Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Nathrop 

Distance to Colorado Springs: 100 miles (1 hour, 50 minutes)

Where to stay: Nathrop Home With Forest and Mountain Views

If you are looking for a resort-style accommodation with great amenities, check out hot springs in Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort where you can find creekside hot springs, a water park with a 400-feet water slide, wellness treatments and yoga classes. The resort boasts natural hot springs, and you can dip into swimming pools, or small jacuzzi-style pools. 

Located near the town of Salida, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort boasts one of the most popular hot springs in Colorado because unlike many other popular hot springs near Colorado Springs, the water here is odorless. 

This place makes for a perfect mini-getaway from Colorado Springs if you need to recharge your batteries before hitting the road again. The town also sits near St. Elmo’s Ghost Town where you can learn about Colorado’s mining history and walk around the crumbling structures.  

Admission: Admission starts at $30 for adults and $25 for kids ages 4-15. 

Address: 15870 Colorado Road 162, Nathrop, Colorado

6. Alpine Hot Spring Hideaway, Nathrop 

Distance to Colorado Springs: 101 miles (1 hour, 53 minutes)

Where to stay: Nathrop Home

Another hot springs facility in Nathrop, Alpine Springs Hideaway is a smaller, more secluded facility that is perfect for travelers who are looking for more privacy and more vacation-home style accommodations. This is a perfect place to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a quiet serene atmosphere in the Colorado mountains for a couple of days. 

7. Manitou Springs 

Distance to Colorado Springs: 6 miles 

Where to stay: Villa Motel at Manitou Springs

Situated just to the west of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is a small mountain town that boasts a quaint historic downtown with boutique stores, art galleries, and local restaurants. This small hamlet is considered one of the best stops along the Colorado itinerary thanks to its charm and coziness. 

But that’s not all: Manitou Springs is home to some of the best hot springs near Colorado Springs, and there are currently eight hot springs here that are open to the public.

To get detailed information about Manitou Hot Springs, drop by Manitou Springs Visitor Center at 354 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs. 

8. Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center

Distance to Colorado Springs: 103 miles (2 hours)

Where to stay: Amigo Motor Lodge

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is the biggest indoor hot springs pool in the United States. 

Here you can also indulge yourself in a variety of wellness activities such as therapeutic classes, massages, and fitness programs. 

The facility has public and private pools where you can enjoy odorless mineral-rich waters. The six-lane pool has an average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit and the leisure pool has a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is one of the most popular hot springs in the state. The hot springs here are fed by underground springs located eight miles away at Poncha Springs in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Address: 410 West Rainbow Blvd, Salida, Colorado

Best hot springs in Colorado Western Slope 

If you are up for a drive, head to the western slope where you can see some of the best hot springs in Colorado. 

9. Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs 

Distance to Denver: 163 miles (3 hours, 5 minutes)

Where to stay: Mariposa Lodge Bed and Breakfast

One of the most popular natural springs in Colorado, Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs is a mix of rustic atmosphere and a perfect adventure. The place features a series of pools in the heart of the evergreen forest with limited lodging options.

Although it’s great to visit this place year-round, winter is a special time to come here because of the frozen incredible landscapes. 

Many people call it the best hot springs in the Rockies, and it’s not hard to see why: Besides wonderful bubbling hot springs, you can stay in one of the cool rustic cabins, riverside campsites, or wagons. The pools are separated by the natural rocks and the sandy floor is perfect for soothing your feet. 

Thanks to its remote location and the lack of light pollution, Steamboat Springs is a perfect place for stargazing and you can see a clear dark sky if you stay at Strawberry Hot Springs past the sunset. 

Address: 44200 Co Rd 36, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Ouray is home to some of the best hot springs in Colorado that are perfect to visit in winter.

10. Ouray Hot Springs, Ouray

Distance to Denver: 332.7 miles (5 hours, 35 minutes)

Where to stay: Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs

Nicknamed the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray is a small mountain town in the heart of the snow-capped San Juan Mountains. The geothermal springs at Ouray date back centuries and are said to have been used by the Native American Ute tribes.

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Fitness Center has five pools, three of which are geothermally heated. The water here is very rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, fluoride, and many others. There is, however, no sulfur, which means the water here is odorless. Temperatures of Ouray hot springs range from 75 to 104 degrees.

Don’t forget to take a drive on the scenic Million Dollar Highway that connects Ouray and Silverton.

GOOD TO KNOW: Ouray is one of the best stops in Southwest Colorado, and you should carve out at least a day to explore this mountain town that boasts many cool hiking trails and backcountry roads that are perfect for adventure. 

Address: 1220 Main Street PO Box 468, Ouray, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs Resorts is where you can find the most popular Colorado Hot Springs that you can visit in winter
Photo courtesy Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

11. Glenwood Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs  

Distance to Denver: 158 miles (2 hours 40 minutes)

Where to stay: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

One of the best natural hot springs in the state, Glenwood Hot Springs features a spa, and has options for dining and shopping.

It’s a great place to relax thanks to many minerals in the water that have healing features, and sit within a driving distance from some of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado like Aspen and Vail. Many people come here after hitting the slopes and spend the night at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort since the hot springs are located in the resort area. 

The mineral pool stays at 92 degrees year-round.

Address: 401 N. River Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 

12. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs 

Distance to Denver: 57.6 miles (2 hours, 51 minutes)

Where to stay: Hotel Glenwood Springs

A great alternative to touristy Glenwood Hot Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is nestled along the Colorado River and offers spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains which makes for an incredibly relaxing experience. Also on-site, you can find a spa, changing rooms, and a restaurant which means you don’t have to leave the place when you get hungry. 

The facility currently has a 2.5-hour reservation system and also has towels available for rent at the price of $5. 

Address: 281 Centennial Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

13. Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, Redstone 

Distance to Denver: 186.2 miles (3 hours 22 minutes)

Where to stay: Home On The Crystal River

A family-owned resort in the spectacular Crystal River Valley, Avalanche Ranch is a one-of-a-kind experience: the place boasts rustic accommodations including sheep wagons, cabins, and a big rental house that is available all year round. 

The hot springs at Avalanche Ranch offer views of Mount Sopris and the nearby Elk Range.

Address: 12863 Highway 133, Redstone, Colorado

Pagosa Springs is a small Colorado town that's home to the best hot springs in Colorado
Photo courtesy The Springs Resort

14. The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs 

Distance to Denver: 277.1 miles (4 hours, 51 minutes)

Where to stay: Elktrace Bed and Breakfast

Boasting 24 natural geothermal soaking pools, the Springs Resort and Spa is one of the main attractions of Pagosa Springs located in the city’s downtown. This resort is one of the best getaways in Colorado because guests who stay here get 24-hour access to 24 soaking pools fed by the World’s Deepest Geothermal Hot Spring.   

The temperatures at the Springs Resort and Spa pools range from 87 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t plan to spend a night at the resort, you can purchase daily, weekly and monthly passes. The facility offers towel and robe rentals. 

Address: 165 Hot Springs Boulevard, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 

Joyful jJourneys Hot Springs and Spa is home to some of the most remote hot springs in Colorado
Photo courtesy Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa

15. Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa 

Distance to Denver: 169.4 miles (3 hours)

One of the most remote and peaceful hot springs in Colorado, Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa bills itself as “a sanctuary, a community, and a retreat” where people come to recover from the stress of everyday life. 

Located at the gateway to the spectacular San Luis Valley, the facility offers retreats, yoga classes, and $10 Tuesdays when guests can soak in the healing springs for only $10 without reservation. 

The views at this place are second to none: unlike many big resorts, Joyful Journey offers unspoiled views of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Guests can choose from many types of accommodations such as standard hotel rooms, tipis and yurts, and campsites. 

Address: 28640 CR 58 EE, Moffat, CO 81143

Best hidden hot springs in Colorado

Durango boasts one of the best hidden Colorado hot springs.

16. Durango Hot Springs

Located in southwest Colorado, Durango boast some of the best hidden hot springs the state!

The Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa is 9 miles away from downtown Durango and it boasts 22 mineral water pools. Temperatures in the pools range from 101° to 110° F, so you can spend some time soaking up and relaxing. Most of these hot springs are only for adults. Children can use three of the soaking pools, and the saltwater swimming pool.

The resort also offers a spa that with massages. Although resort has a limited space, there are many hotels in downtown Durgano like Hampton Inn Durango.

17. Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Springs are my favorite hidden hot springs in all of Colorado! Located in the the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area, these hot springs sit over 11,000 feet. Getting here takes between 3-5 hours, but once you come here, you will understand what makes these hot springs so special.

You will not find facilities or on-site staff at these hot springs, but instead you will enjoy the 360-degree views of the Rockies.

GOOD TO KNOW: You are required to obtain a permit to hike the trail leading to Conundrum Hot Springs. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water, and carry a bear spray, as you will be in the wilderness.

18. Rainbow Hot Springs

Rainbow Hot Springs are remote, primitive hot springs at the end of a 4.5-mile one-way hike in the Weminuche Wilderness Area. Rainbow Hot Springs features two hot springs along the San Juan River.

The lower pool is bigger, and it can accommodate between 7-8 people. Temperatures in this pool reach 95 degrees. The upper pool is smaller and warmer. It can is only enough for about three people and the temperature is around 105 degrees.

19. Orvis Hot Springs

Orvis Hot Springs that offers year-round options for camping and lodging. It’s located less than ten miles north of Ouray in Ridgway and boasts unbeatable views of the San Juan Mountains.

Temperatures in the outdoor pools range from 103 degrees to a scalding 114 degrees in “The Lobster Pot.” After soaking, book a massage or spend the night in one of camping or RV spots.

Renting a car to see the best Colorado hot springs

Whether you live in Colorado or traveling from out of state, book a car for your Colorado road trip. Hot springs are scattered throughout state, and you will put on hundreds of miles on your vehicle going from one hot spring to another.

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Tips for visiting hot springs in Colorado

  • Wear your swimsuit – Most hot springs require its visitors to wear swimwear.
  • Keep the timing in mind – Winter can be very busy in many hot springs. Plan your visit accordingly.
  • Weekends can be busy – Weekends see the most people at many popular hot springs. Plan for weekdays, if possible.
  • Check the traffic – Traffic can be an issue, especially if you are traveling to popular places in Colorado.
  • Be respectful of other visitors – This one is pretty obvious

Colorado hot springs: final word

Colorado is a true adventurer’s paradise, and there’s no better way to round up your adventure trip than soak in and relax in one of Colorado’s hot springs.