Teotihuacan is one of the best day trips from Mexico City and a must stop during 5 days in the Mexican Capital

5 days in Mexico City Itinerary – best places to visit

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Planning to spend 5 days in Mexico City but are not sure where to start?

Mexico City is a huge metropolis, and narrowing down a list of places to visit here is not an easy task.

Not so long ago, Mexico was mostly known for its coastal areas with postcard beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Inland parts of the country were considered not that interesting at best or downright dangerous.

But things have changed.

Mexico City is now one of the hottest destinations in Latin America, with an incredible food scene, historic landmarks, gorgeous colonial neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and a thriving art scene.

✅ Did you know that Mexico City is the 5th largest city in the world by population.

It also became VERY popular with digital nomads who praise the social scene and the abundance of things to do in this city. If you are one of them, spending a few months in this city is an excellent idea 😊

If I piqued your curiosity and you are wondering about what to do in Mexico City, keep reading!

5 days in Mexico City is enough to explore some of the best cultural and historic landmarks in the city.

5 Days In Mexico City Itinerary

Mexico City is the largest city in North America that is home to over 21 millions of people (including the metro area). Exploring it could take a while.

In this guide, I’m going to give you a complete overview of the top Mexico City attractions and provide insider tips on how to stay safe during your trip.

Day 1 in Mexico City: Zocalo and Centro Historico

To start your, head to Centro Historico, the heart of the country where you can learn about how the country was born.

Visit to Templo Mayor, an open-air museum consisting of the ancient ruins that were the center of the Aztec Empire and were destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors who built the modern Zocalo on top of it. Here you can get some context of the country’s history before moving forward.

Zocalo is a lively place where you can watch street artists, grab some street food, and enjoy the atmosphere. And bring some change to give it to the street performers who make a living here.

How to spend 5 days in Mexico City

Best guided tours of Centro Historico in Mexico City

If you are visiting Mexico City for the first time, a guided tour of Centro Historico is a great idea. Guided tours provide a lot of history of the area, and help you better understand the country’s culture.

PRO TIP: Join a popular walking tour of Mexico City led by a local. This tour includes stops at major points around Zocalo and nearby areas and is a great way to start your trip.

Mexico City is a real heaven for foodies and culture buffs.

Best things to do in Centro Historico, Mexico City

  • Zocalo – Mexico’s main square, Zocalo is home to Templo Mayor, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Palacio Nacional where you can find a museum of Benito Juarez, the first indigenous president of Mexico, Gardens of Empress and ruins of pyramids that rest underneath this building.
  • Palacio De Bellas Artes – One of top attractions in Mexico Cty. Here you will find rotating exhibits as well as murals of Diego Riviera, one of the most famous Mexican artists.
  • Casa De los Azulejos – If you are looking for a perfect insta shot, head to Casa De Los Azulejos across the road from Palacio De Bellas Artes. This historic building features white and blue tiles and also has an upscale restaurant inside.
  • Parque Alameda Central – Adjacent to Palacio De Bellas Artes, Parque Alameda Central is a sprawling park with gorgeous sculptures and fountains where you can take a break after exploring Zocalo. From March through April, you can also see the blossoming jacaranda trees that come out in stunning purple color.
  • Barrio Chino – Do you know that Mexico City has its own China town? This barrio (or neighborhood) is a great place to try Chinese food, grab some souvenirs and take colorful photos.
  • Torre Latinoamericana – One of the top landmarks that define the skyline. This 44-story skyscraper miraculously survived two earthquakes, one in 1985 and another one in 2017. When you get to the top, you will be treated to incredible panoramic views of the city below you. I recommend coming here for the sunset.

Torre Latinoamericana price: 170 Pesos

Taking a hot air balloon ride is one of the best things to do in Mexico City.

Day 2 in Mexico City: Teotihuacan 

Teotihuacan is a popular tourist attraction outside of Mexico City, one of the most important archaeological areas in the country.

You can book your hot air balloon Tour of Teotihuacán online. Your driver will pick you up at your hotel in the morning and transport you to Teotihuacan from where you will take off in a hot air balloon and see the Pre-Hispanic City as the sun begins to rise.

Mexico City is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico.

Touring Teotihuacan on foot

You can also take a guided tour of Teotihuacán on foot and climb the famous pyramids to take some epic photos. You can hire a licensed tour guide when you enter Teotihuacan ruins or book a guided tour of Teotihuacan online ahead of your visit.

Teotihuacan price: 75 Pesos

Best hot air balloon tours of Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is a must stop for any visitors to Mexico City.

PRO TIP: Hot air balloon rides take place early morning, and you can see the spectacular view of the area during the sunrise. After you are done with the trip, head to the ruins, and check out the area on foot.

If you have a car rental, make sure to check out San Juan Teotihuacan, a pueblo magico near the Teotihuacan ruins where you can try authentic Mexican food and walk around before heading back. 

Mexico City 5 Day Itinerary - best things to do

Best guided tours of Teotihuacan from Mexico City

Driving to Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is located in the state of Mexico, about 50 kilometers (32 miles) from Mexico City. Getting here takes an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you have a car rental, it makes sense to drive to Teotihuacan. Arrive by the opening time at 9 a.m. to skip the crowds and avoid the hot midday sun. 

Taking Uber from Mexico City to Teotihuacan 

You can also take an Uber from Mexico City to Teotihuacan. It’s going to cost between 600-800 Pesos one waydepending on the day and time, and you can find designated Uber stops near Teotihuacan.

Check my complete guide to taking Uber from Mexico City to Teotihuacan

Public transportation from Mexico City to Teotihuacan 

The cheapest way to get from Teotihuacan to Mexico City is by public transportation.

You can catch a bus to Teotihuacan from Terminal Norte. Round trip tickets cost around 200 Pesos, however, make sure that clarify that your bus is going to take you to Zona Arqueologica Teotihuacan (the Archaeological Area), and not San Juan Teotihuacan, the pueblo near the ruins. 

Attend a Lucha Libre show at night 

Lucha Libre is one of the best cultural experiences in Mexico City, even if you are not a fan of wrestling 😃 Lucha Libre is not really about a fight, but more about colorful costumes, acting, and a good mood. 

Arena Mexico is the best place to see Lucha Libre, and you can see luchadores (or wrestlers) dressed in colorful costumes and masks every night. You can book your tickets on the spot or ahead of time. 

You can also book a guided Lucha Libra tour online to have a better and a safer experience since the neighborhood around Arena Mexico is not the safest. Still, you can visit the show on your own, just get an Uber, and don’t walk alone at night. 

Coyoacan is one of the best places to visit in Mexico City

Day 3 in Mexico City: Coyoacan and Xochimilco 

Coyoacan is an unmissable stop on your itinerary, and I suggest at least half a day there.

Coyoacan is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Mexico City about 10 kilometers south of Centro Historico. It’s filled with cobblestone streets, museums, and colonial churches, and has become one of the most popular places in the city.

👉Coyoacan is walkable and you can spend your day exploring this area on foot.

Buying cool souvenirs from local street vendors is one of the best things to do in Coyoacan, Mexico City

Best things to do in Coyoacan 

  • Museo Frida Kahlo (Casa Azul) – Mexico’s most famous artist Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan and also died here. The house where she spent her life is now a museum where you can enjoy Kahlo’s works and learn about her biography. This is one of the most popular museums in Mexico City and tickets can be purchased ONLY at the official website.
  • Mercado De Coyoacan – the main market in Coyoacan where you can find artisan works, delicious food, and many other things 
  • Cineteca Nacional – One of the top attractions in Mexico City, Cineteca Nacional is known for its gorgeous architecture and screening of documentaries and alternative films
  • Viveros De Coyoacan – is one of the most beautiful parks in Mexico City that is popular for running and strolling. Come here to enjoy the green space and take a break from the busy streets of Coyoacan. 
  • Church and Ex-Convent of San Juan Bautista – This famous Coyoacan cathedral is easily one of the most beautiful churches in Mexico City
  • Museo Anahuacalli – While everybody knows about Museo Frida Kahlo, not everyone is familiar with Museo Annahuacalli which houses a collection of prehispanic artifacts that belonged to Diego Rivera, a partner, and husband of Frida Kahlo. 

Best Coyoacan Tours 

Best hotels in Coyoacan

Coyoacan has tons of things to do, which warrants a stay here. This neighborhood has many hotels, and if you are looking for a more tranquil stay than Centro Historico, spend at least one night in Coyoacan. Here are my top suggestions: 

Budget: La Casita De Coyoacan – small home-style accommodation in the heart of Coyoacan

Mid-range: Loft Exclusivo a gorgeous airy loft near restaurants, museums and the best things to do in Coyoacan

Luxury: Agata Hotel Boutique and Spa – one of the best boutique hotels in Coyoacan with top-notch amenities

Don't forget to visit one of the best restaurants in Coyoacan to try traditional Mexican dishes.

Best restaurants in Coyoacan 

  • Vege Taco – is a great restaurant with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options
  • Churreria General De La Republica – no trip to Coyoacan is complete without Churros, and this is one of the best places to get them
  • La Pitahaya Vegana – one of the most popular vegan restaurants that have several locations in Mexico City including Coyoacan
  • La Casa del Pan Papalotl – this neat restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Coyoacan for healthy dining. All the food here is made out of organic ingredients supplied by local farmers and it’s delicious!
  • Los Famosos de Coyoacan – One of the best ice cream shops in Coyoacan, this place offers a ton of flavors and friendly staff.

How to get to Coyoacan from Centro Historico  Mexico City

Since Coyoacan is a distance away from Centro Historico, you will not be able to reach it on foot. The best way to get to Coyoacan is by Metro. Get on a green line south and get off in Coyoacan. 

PRO TIP: Avoid a Metro commute during pica hora (or rush hour) when trains are full with people, and it’s common to get pushed and shoved. Pickpockets love this time, as it’s easy to steal things when the trains are crammed. 

Coyoacan is one of the best places to visit in Mexico City.

Make a stop in San Angel

If you have extra time, make a stop in San Angel, a sleepy neighborhood with beautiful churches and parks about 10 minutes away from Coyoacan by car.

Saturday Bazaar in San Angle is worth a stop. Here you can buy traditional Mexican textiles, jewelry, and handmade chocolate and cheese. San Angel is located off the beaten path and makes for a great addition to your itinerary.

The fastest way get to San Angel from Coyoacan is by Uber.

How to spend 5 days in Mexico City

Add a Xochlimco stop to your Mexico City itinerary 

Coyoacan is not far from another popular stop in Mexico City, Xochimilco aka The Venice of Mexico. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xochimilco is a small town whose main attraction is a series of artificial canals that were used by the Aztecs for commercial routes in the pre-Hispanic times. 

Best guided tours of Xochimilco

👉 If you are not confident in your Spanish skills, book a tour of Xochimilco ahead of your visit.

This way, you don’t have to deal with transportation, haggle on the price and figure out how to ask questions. A tour will provide everything for you.

Xochimilco is a popular stop for many travelers along the Mexico City itinerary and the best way to visit Xochimilco is with a tour. Many travelers come to Xochimilco to party, as you can buy food and drinks, while you are floating through the canals, and even hire a Mariachi band, who will sing for you. 

But aside from all fiestas, Xochimilco is also a nice cultural experience, and if you a traveling in a group, it can be really fun!

How to get to Xochimilco from Mexico City

How to get from Coyoacan to Xochimilco

To get from Coyoacan to Xochimilco, hop on the green line of Metro, and exit at the Xochimilco station. From the train station, it’s an easy walk toward the pier where the boats are parked and the locals are super friendly and willing to help you with directions. 

PRO TIP: Xochimilco is a popular place for partying, and gets busy during weekends and big holidays. For best experience, plan your trip to Coyoacan and Xochimilco for a weekday. 

Read my complete guide on how to get to Xochimilco from Mexico City and negotiate a boat price.

Day 4 in Mexico City: Bosque De Chapultepec + Polanco

Bosque De Chapultepec (Chapultepec Park) is a must stop on your 5 Days In Mexico City itinerary. This huge park covers 1,700 acres and includes attractions with nine museums, two lakes, and landmarks.

To get there, stroll along Paseo de la Reforma (Reforma Avenue), the heart of the city where you can find the golden Angel de la Independencia (Angel of Independence). Keep walking until you arrive at Castillo De Chapultepec.

Visiting museums is one of the best things to do in Mexico City.

Best things to do in Bosque De Chapultepec

  • Museo Rufino Tamayo – Out of all museums in Mexico City, this museum dedicated to Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo is one of the best places to see contemporary Mexican artworks
  • Food market – Right in the center of Bosque De Chapultepec, there is a big food market where you can find tons of traditional Mexican foods made on the spot for less than 100 Pesos

Make a stop in Polanco

Polanco is the most upscale area of Mexico City with high-end shopping malls, condominiums, and some of the best bars and restaurants in Mexico City. Polanco is adjacent to Bosque De Chapultepec, and you can head there for some food and drinks in the late afternoon, and also make a stop in Soumaya and Jumex, the most popular museums in Polanco.

Best things to do in Polanco

  • Soumaya – One of the most iconic buildings in Mexico City, Soumaya is a free museum that is home to the collection of artworks that donated by Carlos Slim, a Mexican businessman and one of the richest men in the world.
  • Jumex – Located right next to Soumaya, Jumex is a great contemporary art museum where you can find rotating exhibits regularly.
  • Avenida Presidents Masaryk – Also known as the Rodeo Drive of Mexico City, this street is home to many high-end stores
  • Mercado Escondido – a great place to find homeware, jewelry, and accessories
  • Polanco restaurants – Polanco has many famous restaurants like Pujol, which consistently ranks as one of the best restaurants in Mexico City; Rosetta with instagrammable decor and Cityzen Bar with awesome drinks and meals, and unbeatable views of the city.

Best foodie tours of Polanco

If you want to get a better idea of the delicious cuisine of this area, book a food tour of Polanco.

Day 5 in Mexico City: Condesa and Roma Norte 

Condesa and Roma Norte are the two neighborhoods located next to each other that are popular with tourists and ex-pats. Here you can find tons of restaurants, green spaces, and pedestrian-friendly streets. Both neighborhoods are best explored on foot, and you should spend at least half a day exploring them.

Start your day by exploring two best markets in Mexico City, Mercado La Ciudadela and Mercado San Juan, the two markets located blocks away from Alameda Park on Balderas Avenue in Roma Norte. 

  • Mercado La Ciudadela – This is one of my favorite places in Mexico City! If you love arts and crafts, make sure to include this market on your Mexico City itinerary. I spent hours at this market shopping handmade artisan jewelry, home goods and clothing.
  • Mercado San Juan – After shopping in Mercado La Ciudadela, head to Mercado San Juan, where you can grab some fresh produce, fruits, and veggies. The best thing about shopping in both of these markets is that you will support local farmers and artisans.

Here are the closest metro stations to Condesa and Roma:

  • Patriotismo and Juanacuatlan (Condesa)
  • Centro Medico (Roma)
  • Chilpancingo (Roma South)
  • Cuauhtemoc (Roma Norte)

Best things to do in La Condesa/Roma Norte

  • Explore the area on foot – La Condesa and Roma are some of the safest and pedestrian-friendly parts of the city. Walk around and explore the different corners of these barrios. Avenida Amsterdam, a tree-lined street is a perfect place to start
  • Parque Mexico – a must stop where you can take homeless puppies for a walk in the city. Parque Espana is another great park
  • Huerto Roma Verde – a community garden where with exhibits as well as sculptures and street art
  • Luis Barragan Studio House – a UNESCO-listed museum that blends traditional and modern architectural styles
  • Mercado Roma – an must stop on you itinerary, Mercado Roma is one of the most popular places to eat that features food stands from many popular restaurants in the city 

Best foodies tours of Roma Norte and La Condesa

Roma Norte and La Condesa are famous for their food. Book a a foodie tour to experience the local food scene that has so many incredible options!

Best restaurants in Roma Norte and La Condesa 

  • Lalo – one of the most popular restaurants in the Roma neighborhood, Lalo consistently gets great reviews for its food and gorgeous decor
  • Forever Vegano – a great place offering a vegan spin on traditional Mexican food, but you can find a variety of international dishes here too. Highly recommend! 
  •  Pan Comido – stop here for delicious vegetarian sandwiches, falafel wraps, and traditional Mexican dishes, as well as yummy cakes and cookies.
  •  Lardo – a more upscale option, Lardo is a great place to grab some brunch. 
  •  Ojo De Agua – one of the best places to try chilaquiles, crispy tortillas that come with a variety of toppings
  •  El Moro – the best place to grab churros in the area right next to Parque Mexico.

Where to find best tacos in Roma and Condesa 

You have to try tacos at least once during your 5 days in Mexico City!

Around the city, you will find countless taco stands, small cafes, and upscale restaurants serving this staple of Mexican cuisine. Here are a couple of places to find the best tacos in Roma Norte and La Condesa:

  • La Pitahaya Vegana – the best vegan tacos I’ve ever tried that cost 120 pesos for three tacos
  • Taco Orinoco – one of the most popular places for tacos in the area located along Avenida Insurgentes
  • Tacos Alvaro Obregon – serves tacos, gringas, volcanoes, and other traditional Mexican staples
  • Pro Siempre Vegana – If you are a vegan, this is one of the best places to grab tacos in Mexico City!

Take a Mexican cooking class

Where to stay in La Condesa/Roma Norte

Casa Goliana La Roma – Gorgeous Bed and Breakfast with airport shuttle and central location

Villa Condesa – Great breakfast and spacious rooms. Bikes available on property

Hotel Parque Mexico – A stylish boutique hotel in the heart of La Condesa steps away from parks, restaurants, cafes

Best hotels in Mexico City

Mexico City is huge and you should choose hotels based on the areas you plan to explore.

Centro Histórico is a great area to stay because you will be close to some of the best things to do in Mexico’s capital and will be able to jump on public transportation to get around quickly.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Budget: Hotel Templo Mayor – a great budget hotel in the heart of the city

Mid-range: Domingo Santo Boutique Hotel – a beautiful boutique stay near Templo Mayor and Zocalo

Luxury: La Valise Mexico City – one of the most beautiful hotels in Mexico City in a quiet walkable neighborhood

What is the best part of Mexico City to stay?

The best areas of are Centro Historico, Condesa and Roma, as they are close to activities and restaurants. Another great place is Coyoacan, but you will be away from the center, if you book your hotel there.

Getting around Mexico City

  • By Metro – My favorite way to get around Mexico, Metro is the quickest and cheapest way to get around. A one-way ticket costs 5 Pesos, and you can change lines without having to purchase another ticket.
  • By bus – You can explore Mexico City by hop on hop off bus which stops at major attractions or just use a regular bus. As with other public transportation, always use cash.
  • By uber – the best and safest option to get around Mexico City, Uber here charges only a fraction of what you would pay in the United States. Expect to pay 150-200 Pesos for a 30-minute ride. This is a great option, especially during the night when it’s not always safe to walk depending on the neighborhood.

Do you need a car in Mexico City?

Most travelers don’t rent a car Mexico City, as you can get around by Uber or public transportation much faster and cheaper. The traffic in this city is notoriously bad, and drivers can be aggressive. Driving here takes some getting used to and if you want to rent a car, you should be prepared to navigate the traffic.

When should I rent a car in Mexico City?

Renting a car in Mexico City makes sense if you are going to take day trips from Mexico City and visit some of the best pueblos Magicos outside the city like Tepotzlan, Valley De Bravo, or Taxco. Central Mexico has many incredible places many of which are located within 1-2 hours of driving of Mexico City.

I recommend renting a car with DiscoverCars, one of the best car rental companies with flexible rates and good selection of vehicles.

PRO TIP: Read my article on renting a car in Mexico to avoid mistakes and save money.

5 Days in Mexico City: FAQ’s

Wondering about what to do in Mexico City? Check my complete guide to the best landmarks in the city.

Is Mexico City worth visiting?

Yes, Mexico City is absolutely worth a visit! It’s full of history, culture and world-class museums and restaurants for all tastes. When you come here, you won’t run out of things to do for a while.

Is 5 days enough for Mexico City?

Five days is a good amount of time to see the main highlights of the city without rushing, explore some of the best restaurants in Mexico City, and take a day trip to Teotihuacan, one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico.

How many days is enough for Mexico City?

5-7 days a good amount of time to spend Mexico City to enjoy most of its highlights. But the longer you spend here, the more you will be able to see. The city is home to more than 150 museums, countless restaurants, and many spots that are well off the tourist radar.

5 days in Mexico City is a good amount of time that will allow you to explore the largest city in the country and enjoy its top highlights.

How to get around Mexico City?

The best way to get around Mexico City is by metro! Mexico City Metro is super easy to navigate as it is straightforward and can bring you to the most popular places to visit. A one-way Metro ticket costs 5 pesos 

GOOD TO KNOW: Buy a card that also allows you to pay for your rides on Metro. It’s more convenient than buying a ticket every time you need to catch a ride and you can just put more money on it through one of the vending machines.

Is Mexico City walkable?

Despite its huge size, Mexico City is perfectly walkable, particularly around its major neighborhoods. It also has mostly mild temperatures year-round, which means you can get around on foot most of the time.

Is it safe to walk around Mexico City?

While Mexico City is mostly safe to walk around, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Keep a close eye on who’s around you and how they act or if they are trying to talk to you. Crime could happen to anybody whether you have been in Mexico City for a few days or for months. Always keep your guard up.

Is Mexico City safe to visit?

Mexico City is perfectly safe to visit! In the past, some thought of it as a sketchy crime-ridden place, but now more travelers are discovering what a true gem it is. The locals are warm and friendly, and most people are willing to help you out and answer your questions, if you are lost and need help with directions.

Still, there are couple of things you should know about how to stay safe in Mexico City. Most crime in Mexico City is related to drug trafficking, and as long as you stay away from doing drugs, your chances of getting in trouble are much lower.

But that doesn’t mean that you can put your guard down.

As a foreign tourist you are more likely to be affected by petty crime like pickpocketing or bag snatching. so Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially around crowded areas where criminals operate.

What parts of Mexico City to avoid?

Not all parts of Mexico City are safe for walking around. Don’t walk alone at in the dark and stay away from isolated areas, as you would in any other city. Some neighborhoods like Tepito and Iztapalapa are not safe at any time, so it’s better to skip them altogether.

How to stay safe in Mexico City? 

Mexico City is a popular tourist stop, and although the areas frequented by tourists like Zocalo and Centro Historico are perfectly safe, they also attract plenty of scammers and pickpockets.

General safety tips for Mexico City

  • Don’t flash your wealth – Dress in plain, inexpensive clothes that can help you to blend in with the crowd
  • Don’t carry all your valuables in your bag – Carry one credit card and some cash and leave your wallet and other valuables in your hotel room
  • Do not drink tap water – This is one of my general Mexico travel tips. Like in the most of the country, tap water in Mexico is not safe to drink. Bring your reusable bottle that you can refill in some hotels
  • Keep an eye on your backpack/handbag when you are walking in the crowd
  • If something looks sketchy, it probably is – people eager to sell you tours or asking overly personal questions are some of those things. Be polite, but always know when to say no and walk away
  • Use ATMs only affiliated with major banks – Avoid ATMs in building walls and other random places, as they are more likely to be used by criminals to skim your banking information.Santander and Scotia Bank are reputable and have the lowest withdrawal fees of about 34 Pesos (or USD 1.5) per transaction. 
  • Stay around areas frequented by other tourists – Areas like Coyoacan, Reforma, Roma Norte, and Condesa are some of the safest neighborhoods in Mexico City
  • Stay away from regular taxis and take Uber instead – not all taxis are safe in Mexico City. If a taxi doesn’t have a meter, that’s a huge red flag. Always take Uber to stay on the safe side

What is the best time to visit Mexico City?

The best time to visit Mexico City is from March through early May. During this time, the city has the best weather with plenty of warm, sunny days when the average temperature hovers between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. In March, you can see the blossoming jacarandas that come out in stunning purple color.

September through October is also a good time to plan your trip, as the weather is dry and mild, and it’s not as busy compared to the spring season. November is the beginning of the low season in Mexico City, when you can save money on tours and hotels, if you don’t mind slightly colder temperatures.

Winters can be chilly in Mexico City which could affect your travel plans, and June through October is the rainy season with frequent (but mostly short) downpours. If you don’t mind some occasional rain, this is a great time to visit Mexico City, because prices on hotels and tours are much lower.

Final word

If you are still wondering whether you should visit Mexico City, my answer is a resounding YES! Mexico City is a vibrant city with a unique blend of cultures that is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in Latin America. My 5 days in Mexico City itinerary only scratches the surface, because once you visit it once, you will want to come back for more!

Go ahead and book your ticket to Mexico City now, so you could enjoy everything that it has to offer, from the rich culture to delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.