China Date Ranch Farm | Your complete guide

China Ranch Date Farm is a hidden spot near the Nevada-California border that not many travelers know about. It’s a true oasis in the middle of the rugged Mojave Desert hours away from the nearest city. 

China Ranch Date Farm is a family operated business with a huge date grove. It’s probably the most green place you will find for hundreds of miles in the surrounding area with cottonwoods and willows deep in the canyon.

China Date Ranch Farm in California

China Ranch Date Farm directions

China Ranch Date Farm is located not far from the entrance to the Death Valley National Park. It’s also adjacent to the small desert town of Tecopa, famous for its hot springs that are believed to have healing features. 

To get to China Ranch Date Farm in California, you will have to rent a car because this place is literally in the middle of nowhere. Most people come to China Ranch Date Farm from Las Vegas, and if you too plan on taking a trip from Sin City, don’t forget to rent your vehicle in advance!

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Where is China Ranch Date Farm loacted?

China Ranch Date Farm is located about 90 miles from Las Vegas in California near the two small towns called Tecopa and Shoshone. 

China Ranch Date Farm from Las Vegas

Take Highway 160 from Las Vegas toward Pahrump and make a left turn at the Tecopa Road. Continue until you get to Old Spanish Trail Highway. Keep driving straight on Old Spanish Trail Highway until you get to Furnace Creek Road. Continue on that road for a couple of minutes until you get to Chine Ranch Road. 

The road is unpaved and bumpy, so you should apply extra caution.

China Ranch Date Farm from Death Valley National Park

If you are driving from Death Valley National Park, make a right turn at the Death Valley Junction  and continue driving along California State Route 127. Drive through Shoshone and make a left turn onto Tecopa Hot Springs Road when you get to the fork. 

Continue driving on Tecopa Hot Springs Road until you get to Old Spanish Trail Highway in the town of Tecopa. Drive for a few minutes and make a turn at Furnace Creek Road. Continue straight on Furnace Creek Road before you make a final right turn on China Ranch Road. Drive down through the canyon until you get to the farm.

China Date Ranch Farm in California

China Date Ranch Farm History

You are probably wondering why a place in the middle of the California desert is called China Date Ranch Farm. 

The story goes like this: 

A Chinese man came to the area after working at the borax mine in Death Valley (long time before it became a national park). He settled in the area and grew fruits and developed a water source to sustain them, so the area had become known as Chinaman’s Ranch. 

But in the 1900s a man by the name Morrison showed up threatening the Chinese farmer at gunpoint. The owner ran away and the man took the property. The area had changed many hands since then but the original name had stuck around ever since. 

Grab a shake and try date nut muffins

Today, this place is a fully developed family business that has a store, a small museum, a lush grove and a number of hiking trails.

At a gift store you can buy home grown dates and various products, such as date shakes, smoothies, date nut bread, cookies and muffins all made out of dates. Part of the store also sells handcraft goods and souvenirs. Grab a shake and try date nut muffins to enjoy local goods 🙂

And if you are looking for a special present for your family and friends, China Date Ranch is the best place to get it! 

China Date Ranch Farm near Las Vegas

Where to stay near China Date Ranch

Keep in mind that China Date Ranch isn’t a resort but a family-operated farm. While the property doesn’t have any accommodations, nearby Tecopa has hotels where you can stay before continuing your trip. The main feature of Tecopa is the hot springs which are so perfect to soak in after a day of sightseeing and hiking.

China Date Ranch near Death Valley

Go hiking near China Date Ranch

In addition to the spectacular date fruit grove, the area is also located close to the Old Spanish Trail, a historic trail route established by Spanish explorers that connected settlements in New Mexico with the ones in Southern California through mountains and deserts. 

The best time to hike is from October through April. The area’s temperatures can soar above 120 degrees in summer, so hiking from July through August is not recommended. The area is located hours away from the nearby hospitals and medical transportation is extremely costly. 


Several trails start at China Date Ranch. Keep in mind that they vary in length in difficulty, so while some could be a few hundred yards, others stretch for miles.

Whenever you hike, always have at least half a gallon of water and a couple of snacks in your backpack. Your body will lose the water very quickly in the dry desert climate, so it’s easy to get dehydrated. 

Kingston Wilderness

A beautiful hike that goes parallel with a Slot Canyon Trail in the beginning and goes into the remote areas surrounded by red and black cliffs. If you are looking for some solitude, this is definitely the one you should take. 

Slot Canyon

The trail passes the historical saloon building, an ore loading site located along  the Tonopah and Tidewater railroad and crosses the Amargosa River before it ends at a slot canyon. The 4-mile trail is arguable one of the most challenging hikes at China Date Ranch. 

Badlands Trail

If you are looking for some photo opportunities, this is definitely the hike you should take. Here you will find quirky formations, canyons and hills all with an amazing view of the date ranch right below you. Badlands trail is a relatively easy 1.5-mile hike. It starts just behind the gift shop and goes east across the wash and toward the badlands.

China Ranch Date Farm is a truly unique place that deserves your attention. You could spend hours here hiking and exploring the area or you could just stop by for a quick look depending on how much time you have. 

China Date Ranch Farm near Las Vegas

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