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Renting a car in Las Vegas: Everything you need to know

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Coming to Las Vegas? That’s fun!

While most people think that Las Vegas is all about partying and gambling, some of the best things to do in Las Vegas are actually off the strip, and the best way to explore them is by renting a car in Las Vegas!

From learning local history, to visiting museums, hiking the scenic trails and eating in the best restaurants away from the Las Vegas strip, there are countless reasons why you should rent a car in Las Vegas.

Why you should rent a car in Las Vegas 

Renting a car in Las Vegas will allow you to explore some of the best places to visit near Las Vegas like Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Death Valley National Park. And that’s just the beginning.

Renting a car in Las Vegas will allow you to enjoy some of the best things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling, and you will have a much better experience on your trip!

So many people who come to Las Vegas do not know about all the cool things you can discover beyond the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip, and renting a car in Las Vegas will allow you to enjoy some of the best scenery in Southern Nevada like state parks and recreation areas.

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Where to rent a car in Las Vegas 

Renting a car in Las Vegas is super easy. You can rent a car in Las Vegas Airport after you land or at one of the rental agencies on the Las Vegas Strip or off the Strip.

Renting a car in Vegas airport 

Las Vegas International Airport, also known as Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran International Airport) sees some of the highest tourist numbers in the United States and is one of the country’s busiest airports.

Car rental companies at Las Vegas Airport are located in the Rent-A-Car Center about three miles south of the airport. Many car rental companies at the Las Vegas Airport offer free pick-up service at all terminals. 

What car rental companies are available at Las Vegas airport?

You can find many major car rental companies at the Las Vegas Airport Rent-A-Car Center three miles from the airport off Interstate 15.

Book a rental car in Las Vegas ahead of your trip to save time and money through DiscoverCars, one of the best car rental services that offer flexible rates and a great inventory of vehicles from compact fuel-efficient cars to bigger SUVs that are perfect if you are traveling with your friends and family. 

Find Your Rental Car

Will my car rental company pick me up?

The Las Vegas Airport Rent-A-Car Center is open 24/7 and you can get there by taking a shuttle at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, that departs from the ground transportation level in Terminal 1 and from the zero level in Terminal 3.

The shuttles leaves every 5-7 minutes.

Car rental companies available at the Las Vegas Airport Rent-A-Car Center: 

  • Payless
  • Hertz 
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise 
  • Alamo
  • Caro
  • National
  • Avis
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty
  • Advantage

Renting a car in Las Vegas on the strip 

You can also rent a car around the Las Vegas Boulevard, a big street that runs parallel to the Las Vegas Airport. DiscoverCars are the best way to find car rentals on the Las Vegas Strip. DiscoverCars makes it super easy to compare prices at the most popular car rental companies in Las Vegas and choose from dozens of available vehicles. 

How to find a rental car in Las Vegas

To find a car rental in Las Vegas, type in your travel dates and hit search and you will find many cars from different car rental companies starting from the cheapest to the most expensive options.

You can also put in specific filters like size, make, and model as well as gas economy to help you narrow down your search and find the right car rental. DiscoverCars also offers some of the most friendly rates on rental cars in Las Vegas! 

Book your rental car in Las Vegas here

What do I need to rent a car in Las Vegas?

  • Identification card 

To rent a car in Las Vegas, you will need an ID, or if you are coming to Las Vegas from another country, a passport. 

  • Credit card 

You can pay for a car rental in Las Vegas with a credit card or cash, although credit cards are widely accepted, and cash is rarely used. 

  • Valid driver’s license 

If you want to rent a car in Las Vegas, you will be required to provide a valid driver’s license. All drivers must be 21 or older to rent a car in Las Vegas. 

Is insurance included in my car rental in Las Vegas?

Most car rental companies in Las Vegas will offer basic insurance which is included in your daily rate.

While basic insurance offers minimal protection, it doesn’t cover you in the event of accidents, car theft, and major damage. You can choose medium or complete coverage which will provide better protection so you will be better covered in the event of an accident and also get roadside assistance.

Always read terms and conditions and ask your car rental agent, if you have questions before leaving 🤓

Tips for renting a car in Las Vegas airport 

If you plan on renting a car in Las Vegas, there are a few things you should know to avoid mistakes. 

  • Book your car ahead of time to save money – When you book your car ahead of time, you will pay less. This is especially true for busy times in Las Vegas like summer and early fall. 
  • Certain times are busier than others for picking up and dropping your rental car in Las Vegas – For example, some of the busiest times for returning rental cars coincide with the busiest times at the Las Vegas Airport around 8 a.m.-11 a.m. on Sundays and 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays. Avoid returning your car during these times to skip the wait, especially if time is tight. 
  • Check your car for damage – When renting a car in Las Vegas, always check it for damage. Take photos of any scratches, marks, or anything else that you find while inspecting your vehicle. Check the dashboard to make sure that there are no warning lights. 
  • Fill up your car before returning it – Gas stations near Las Vegas Airport charge higher prices, and you will pay considerably more, if you fill up your tank last minute before driving back to the car rental office. 
  • Follow the signs – When you arrive at the airport to return your car look for signs directing you to the McCarran Car Rental Center and then go to the garage where you can return your car rental from there go to the main lobby to catch a shuttle back to the airport. 
  • Return your car clean – Bring your car back in the same condition that you got it. Otherwise, you will be charged a fee. 

 What’s the average price of a car rental in Las Vegas?

The average price of car rental in Las Vegas with insurance is $60-65 a day. This rate could fluctuate depending on the season and travel dates. For example, summer is a busy season in Las Vegas when many domestic and international tourists come, and car rental prices in Las Vegas tend to reflect that. 

Is there an Uber In Las Vegas?

Yes, there is an Uber in Las Vegas.

While Uber is cheaper than taxi cabs, Uber prices in Las Vegas have been on the rise, which is another reason for renting a car in Las Vegas. While you could pay $60 a day for a car rental and do whatever you like, you could spend a lot more on Uber trying to get around Las Vegas, especially during busy hours.

This could really add up, especially if you are in Las Vegas for a couple of days. 

Rent a car from Las Vegas to Los Angeles 

If you want to rent a car in Las Vegas and drive to Los Angeles, clarify it before signing the paperwork. Most companies will charge you extra if you pick up a car in one location and drop it off elsewhere, so if you want to rent a car in Las Vegas and drive it to Los Angeles, your price will be higher than normal. 

PRO TIP: Many big car rental companies like Budget, Hertz, Dollar, and Alamo offer one-way rental cars that can be picked up in Las Vegas and dropped off in many locations around the country. When you look for a car rental in Las Vegas, specify your pick-up and drop-off destinations in the search engine. 

Find Your Rental Car

DiscoverCars has flexible options, and offers great rates if you want rent your car in Las Vegas and drop it off in the Los Angeles!

If you are driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, you could visit fun places along the way plus take many cool day trips from Los Angeles.

Renting a car in Las Vegas under 25 

If you are under 25 and want to rent a car in Las Vegas, you will most likely pay more money. Most car rental companies view drivers under 25 as somewhat of a liability, and your daily rate will be higher than regular. 

Best places to visit by car rental near Las Vegas 

Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire is one of the most popular places to visit near Las Vegas by car. It is the largest state park in Nevada with landscapes that resemble bright fire waves. Located just one hour away from Sin City, this is one of the places that makes renting a car in Las Vegas worth it, since there’s no public transportation to Valley of Fire.

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Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

One of the most popular day trips from Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (or Red Rock, as locals call it) is about 25 minutes from the Strip and makes a perfect mini-getaway from Sin City. It is also one of the most popular places for hiking near Las Vegas, so if you want to spend time outside, make sure to visit this place.

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Best things to do in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is one of the most beautiful national parks in California located just under 2 hours away from Las Vegas. Explore towering dunes, mosaic canyons, and even the lowest point in North America.

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Did you know that there’s over a dozen of national parks within a driving distance from Las Vegas? From Grand Canyon to Yosemite National Park, there are many incredible national parks near Las Vegas that make renting a car in Las Vegas totally worth it!

Here’s my complete guide to the best national parks near Las Vegas

Amazing things to do in Bryce Canyon

Utah National Parks

One of the most popular day trips from Las Vegas, Zion, and Bryce National Parks are some of the best places in Utah. Many travelers rent a car in Las Vegas to take a day trip to Zion, and also to neighboring Bryce Canyon. If you want to visit both national parks in one trip, you will need two days. 

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Lake Mead National Recreational Area

Lake Mead National Conservation Area

Located just 30 minutes away from Las Vegas, Lake Mead National Conservation Area is a perfect place to visit near Las Vegas where you can explore the Lake Mead as well as camp, enjoy hikes and get a break from the busy Las Vegas strip. 

Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon is one of the busiest national parks in the United States, and a popular getaway from Las Vegas. Visiting Grand Canyon by car rental is a perfect way to skip guided tours and explore this gem at your own pace. Many visitors choose to stay overnight in Grand Canyon or nearby places like Flagstaff since this is a big national park with many great hikes and scenic overlooks.

Las Vegas driving tips 

Driving in Las Vegas is slightly different from the rest of the United States or overseas. 

  • The speed limit in Nevada is 75 miles per hour, which is higher than in many other states. This rule applies only to highways, as the speed limit on residential streets is normally between 25 and 30 miles. Always follow posted speed limit signs. 
  • All traffic drives on the right just like in the rest of the United States. 
  • Do not drink and drive. Some travelers think that Las Vegas is a party town where rules don’t exist, but this is simply not true. If you get caught drunk while driving in Las Vegas, you could face steep fines and also lose your driver’s license. Just get an Uber if you want to go out.
  • Put your cell phone away while driving – this is illegal in Nevada.
  • Always carry plenty of water and snacks with you, especially if you are going to more remote areas. Cell phone service is spotty in many places around Las Vegas and services like stores and gas stations are also limited. 

Best neighborhoods in Las Vegas to visit with a rental car

Although most people know Las Vegas as the home of the glitzy Las Vegas Strip, there are plenty of other parts of Sin City that are worth your attention. One of the best things about renting a car in Las Vegas is that you can now visit many areas and see the local side of Las Vegas. Whether you want to stay around the Strip or check our suburban areas., here’s a quick guide to the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas.


The second-largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas, Henderson is a city, although many people refer to it as one of the main Las Vegas suburbs. This is a more quiet area with a mix of residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and several casinos. It also has an interesting downtown area with several restaurants, bars, and local breweries.


One of the most popular residential areas of Las Vegas, Summerlin is located to the west of the Las Vegas Strip near the entrance to the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. This is a fast-growing area with many restaurants, stores, parks, and close access to the nearby mountains where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Downtown Summerlin is home to a big shopping area as well as the Las Vegas Golden Knights practice facility. Summerlin is a perfect stop if you want to enjoy a different side of Las Vegas and get away from the busy strip for a day.


This might come as a surprise to you, but Las Vegas has its own China Town!

While it’s not as impressive as China Town in San Francisco or New York, Las Vegas Chinatown has many great alternatives to expensive restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. Many of these restaurants are open past midnight, which is great if you want to grab some food when other places are closed.

Las Vegas’ Chinatown is a commercial district with many stores and restaurants that represent the city’s Asian community. Located just a short drive to the west of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s home to more than 150 eateries with a great selection of food from many Asian cuisines.

Arts District

One of the most fun neighborhoods in Las Vegas, the Arts District is home to the city’s nascent art scene where you can find some of the best murals in Las Vegas as well as great museums like the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum.

The city’s wall art is attributed to the arrival of Life Is Beautiful, a music festival that has also quickly grown into a big culinary and art event.

Where is Las Vegas Art District located?

The area has grown quite a bit over years, but it still has loose boundaries that stretch from the Stratosphere to the Fremont East Entertainment District.

Some of the most popular museums in the district are Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park, the Neon Museum, and the Pinball Hall of Fame. And if you are craving entertainment, visit the Vegas Theatre Company’s Cockroach Stage, where you can see Las Vegas artists and performers put a local spin on a highly commercialized entertainment scene in this city.

Downtown Las Vegas

Some people mistakenly think that the Las Vegas Strip is part of Downtown Las Vegas, however, it is not correct.

Downtown Las Vegas located north of the Las Vegas Strip is where the city was established decades ago, so it’s a perfect place to learn some local history. The area has been gentrified in recent years, but it still preserves many original buildings that give it a special charm. Here you can find many original hotels and casinos like El Cortez, and the Golden Gate – the oldest hotel in Las Vegas.

One of the top attractions of Downtown Las Vegas is Fremont Street in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, a pedestrian-only venue that has the largest LED canopy in the world where you can see cool graphics. If you want to feel some adrenaline, get on a zip-line right under the canopy! It’s an exciting thrill ride that will take you above one of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas like Golden Nugget and California.

The Strip

You can’t skip the famous Strip when talking about neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Although it doesn’t look like a typical neighborhood, it is home to many residential buildings, stores, and businesses. The Strip which consists of the 6.5 kilometers lined with casinos and hotels is not a part of Las Vegas but an unincorporated area of Clark County.

Where to park in Las Vegas

Now you got your car and are ready to explore. Unfortunately, many casinos and areas around Las Vegas now charge money for parking, whereas before it was free. A number of casinos and shopping centers in Las Vegas still offer free parking.

Places where you can find free parking in Las Vegas:

  • The Palazzo and the Venetian
  • Tropicana Hotel and Casino 
  • Resorts World 
  • Treasure Island
  • Sahara Las Vegas
  • Circus Circus
  • The Wynn
  • The Stratosphere
  • Shops at Crystals
  • The Shoppes at Mandalay Palace 
  • Fashion Show Mall

Most frequently asked questions about renting a car in Las Vegas: 

Where to find Las Vegas Murals

How much do you pay for renting a car in Las Vegas? 

The average car rental price in Las Vegas depends on several factors such as driver’s age, season, travel dates, and the availability of vehicles. However, the average price for a rental car in Las Vegas tends to be around $65 per day. 

How do I find the best deals on car rentals in Las Vegas?

You can find the best deals on renting cars in Las Vegas on All you need to do is type in your arrival and departure dates and look for a specific vehicle. This platform has some of the best car deals and you can easily modify your search by using the filters specifying your preferences.

What is the cheapest car rental company in the Las Vegas airport?

Thrifty and Dollar car rental companies typically have some of the lowest prices in Las Vegas airport, although their prices tend to fluctuate depending on the season and date. For example, you will pay more for a car rental in Las Vegas around major holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or New Year’s Eve, when many people come here to celebrate these dates. 

Can I rent a car for a month or longer in Las Vegas?

Yes, you can rent your car long-term in Las Vegas. There most likely will be a fee for this, but most car rental companies in Las Vegas allow long-term car rentals. 

Can I modify or cancel my reservation?

Some car rental companies in Las Vegas offer a free cancellation policy while others don’t. When looking at your car, make sure to clarify this, so you don’t lose any money if your plans change. 

Renting a car in Las Vegas: Final thoughts 

Renting a car in Las Vegas is the best way to see some of the best places near Sin City like national and state parks that can only be visited either via guided tour or car rental. Renting a car in Las Vegas will help you get away from the Strip, learn different areas of the city, and also enjoy the outdoors.

There’s a lot more to Las Vegas than just the neon lights of the Strip, and you can enjoy some of the best things that Las Vegas has to offer by renting a car.

Where to stay in Las Vegas

Whether you are going to spend a few weeks exploring Las Vegas and surrounding areas, of just a few days, you will need a good place to stay. There are many hotels in Las Vegas for all budgets and types of travelers. 

Best hotels on Las Vegas Strip

The Strip is home to some of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas such as the LINQ, a photogenic stay with a pool, photogenic rooms and the unbeatable location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip; Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino that offers a great view of the Bellagio fountains; and ARIA, an eco-sustainable property that offers treatment rooms, massages, and salon services in addition to several outdoor pools.

Best hotels in downtown Las Vegas 

Downtown Las Vegas (shortly DTLV) is the historic Las Vegas where most of fun stuff was prior to Las Vegas Strip. Many visitors come to DTLV to visit some of the best museums like the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum or the Old Mormon Fort. The area is also home to the famous Fremont Street, as well as the Las Vegas Arts District with many colorful murals and the Container Park with many restaurants. 

Some of the most popular restaurants in downtown Las Vegas are The D Las VegasCirca Resort, one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas and the tallest structure north of the Las Vegas Strip and the Golden Gate, a historic hotel along the Fremont Street.

Best hotels on North Las Vegas strip

The North Las Vegas strip is home to many budget hotels in Las Vegas. While many hotels in the heart of Las Vegas Strip tend to be more expensive, the northern end has many less expensive accommodations where you can stay for a fraction of the price. Some of the most popular stays in the area are SAHARA and Circus, Circus Hotel.

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