Uber in Dubrovnik is the best way to get around the city

Uber in Dubrovnik: Your Complete Guide 2024

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Uber in Dubrovnik is the best option if you need to get around town quickly and inexpensively. Dubrovnik is a famous destination along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast that became an international favorite after it was featured in the Games of Thrones Series.

Many visitors come to Dubrovnik to see the UNESCO-listed Old Town with its gorgeous architecture and stunning azure coastline.

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Beyond the gorgeous Dubrovnik Old Town, the city has many other areas that are worth your attention like Gruz and Lapad and nearby towns like Cavtat, and the best way to visit them is by taking Uber. 

Uber in Croatia: a short overview

Uber in Dubrovnik is reliable, on time, and mostly cheaper than taxis, if you want to commute around the city. Uber in Croatia was launched in Zagreb in 2015 and has since expanded its services to other cities including Dubrovnik where it’s been operating since 2016. 

As of 2023, Uber services are available in Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik. 

What’s the minimum Uber fare in Dubrovnik?

The minimum fare in Dubrovnik is just over 2 USD (13.75 Croatian Kunas abbreviated HRK), which is very affordable compared to taxi. Unlike taxis in Dubrovnik, Uber doesn’t have set rates, as the price you pay depends on the distance and the timing of your trip. 

Is Dubrovnik safe?

Uber vs Taxi in Croatia 

As Uber has become more popular, taxi companies in Dubrovnik and elsewhere in Croatia have felt the effect of the growing expansion of the ride-sharing company. 

It’s no surprise that most taxi drivers in Dubrovnik and other cities in Croatia dislike Uber and have even organized protests in the past, as Uber has become the main way of transportation among residents and visitors. 

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Uber continues to expand in the region and even introduced Uber boats to make island hopping and getting around the Croatia coastline easier.

Taking a day trip to Montenegro is one of the most popular things to do in Dubrovnik

How much does Uber cost in Dubrovnik?

The minimum Uber rate in Dubrovnik 9 Kuna (1.2 Euro / 1.4 USD) per kilometer.

The exact price you pay depends on the timing of your trip, as Uber charges more during busy times when there’s a surge as opposed to slow times when fewer travelers use Uber services. 

Some popular routes like Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik Old Town and Dubrovnik to Cavtat or Dubrovnik to Split usually have more fixed rates. 

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    Prices for Uber in Dubrovnik:

    • Uber Dubrovnik Old Town to Lapad – 4 km (2.5 miles) – 26 Kunas (3.75 USD or 3.44 Euro)
    • Uber Dubrovnik Old Town to Gruz – 4.3 km (2.6 miles) – 27 Kunas (3.90 USD or 3.58 Euro)
    • Uber Dubrovnik Old Town to Babin Kuk – 4.1 km (2.5 miles) – 26 Kunas (3.75 USD or 3.44 Euro)
    • Uber Dubrovnik Old Town to Cavtat – 18.9 km (12 miles) – 171 Kuna one way (25 USD or 23 Euro)
    • Uber Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town – 21 km (13 miles) – 180 Kuna (26 USD or 23.9 Euro)

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    Different areas of Dubrovnik:

    Uber is an excellent way to see different areas of Dubrovnik like Lapad, Babin Kuk and Gruz


    Gruz is a popular area of Dubrovnik that hugs the large bay on the west side of the town. Although you can get to Gruz from Dubrovnik on foot, it’s faster to take Uber. Gruz has more local vibe and a good variety of bars and restaurants with prices much cheaper than in Old Town Dubrovnik.

    Where to stay in Gruz Boutique Hotels Kazbek

    This is a great area to visit if you want to skip expensive restaurants in Old Town Dubrovnik where most places cater to visitors and have higher than normal rates. 

    For a great social atmosphere, head to Stjepana Radica Street or toward the cruise ship port.


    Lapad is a large peninsula just outside of Dubrovnik. It’s generally a quiet place with good hotel options and access to pebbly beaches. You will be a bit more away from the crowds of Dubrovnik here.

    Where to stay in Lapad: Hotel Lapad 

    You can get to Lapad from the Dubrovnik Old Town by bus from Pile Station – Libertas, as the route is served by buses number 2, 4 or 6

    Babin Kuk

    If you want to see a different side of Dubrovnik with a tranquil atmosphere, local restaurants and away from tourist crowds, stay in Babin Kuk, a perfect getaway from the city.

    Where to stay in Babin Kuk: Royal Blue Hotel

    How do people get around in Dubrovnik?

    Dubrovnik public transportation system consists only of buses – there is no subway, tram, train, or metro otherwise. Dubrovnik is easily accessed by buses that run across the city. The Dubrovnik buses are run by Libertas. You find all the routes within the city center here.


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      How to use Uber in Dubrovnik?

      To use Uber, download the Uber app, and create an account under your name. Next, connect your credit card or PayPal account so you can pay for the rides, and voila! 

      No cash is needed to pay for Uber in Dubrovnik or anywhere else in Croatia. Every time you finish your Uber ride, your credit or debit card on file will be automatically charged the amount.

      Do I need to tip my Uber driver in Dubrovnik?

      You can leave a tip for your Uber driver through the app. Although tipping Uber drivers in Croatia is not required, your tip will be very appreciated. If you want to leave a gratuity, another option is to leave a cash tip for your driver at the end of your ride. 

      Can I use my Uber app in Croatia?

      If you are traveling to Croatia, and already have an existing Uber account, you can use your app in the country. 

      Why choose Uber instead of a taxi in Dubrovnik?

      Uber in Dubrovnik is a perfect way to commute around the city and visit some of the nearby areas

      Uber is cheaper than a taxi in Dubrovnik

      Taxis are plentiful in Dubrovnik and other popular destinations in Croatia, but they usually charge a premium even for a short ride. On top of having more expensive rates than Uber, taxis in Dubrovnik can also take a longer route, as they charge you for the time on the road. Uber, on the other hand, charges you for the distance. 

      Your pay set prices

      When order an Uber ride, you will see the price before confirming your trip. This is not always the case with taxis, as the price of your trip is up to an individual taxi driver, traffic, and road conditions. 

      You can get around different areas of Dubrovnik

      Uber is an excellent way to get around Dubrovnik and surrounding areas like Dubrovnik Airport, and even some of the nearby towns. 

      Tips for taking Uber in Dubrovnik

      • Learn a few words in Croatian – Although you are not required to speak with your driver as the Uber app arranges everything for you, speaking the local language could be hugely beneficial if you need to ask something since not every Uber driver speaks English.
      • Leave a tip – If you received good service, leaving a small gratuity is a good idea to show your appreciation.
      • Keep a low profile – Although Dubrovnik is generally a safe destination, and you should be just as safe when taking Uber, it’s helpful to maintain a low profile. It will help you to get a better attitude and avoid unwanted attention, especially if you travel by yourself.

      Where is Uber available in Croatia?

      Uber has been operating in Croatia since 2015, and while the app is not available throughout the entire country yet, its services are available in several cities including Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik. 

      Bolt Dubrovnik

      The main rival of Uber in Croatia is Bolt, a European company that offers ride-sharing, scooter rentals, and food delivery services in Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik.

      Bolt is a popular alternative to Uber in Croatia. I haven’t used Bolt when I was traveling Croatia, so I can’t speak as to what their services are like, but I know that Bolt in Dubrovnik has been becoming more popular in recent years. 

      Uber in Dubrovnik price: an overview 

      Uber doesn’t have set rates in Dubrovnik, although there’s a minimum rate of 1 euro and 0.5 euro for every kilometer after that. 

      Taking Uber from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town is a popular option if you want to save money on Dubrovnik taxis and don't want to take a private transfer

      Uber Dubrovnik Airport

      The main airport in Dubrovnik is Zračna Luka Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) in the small town of Čilipi, which is about 15 km away. You can get to Old Town Dubrovnik by private transfer, public bus, uber, and taxi, with Uber being the best option since it offers a combination of good rates and the fastest service.

      How much is Uber from Dubrovnik Airport? 

      Uber from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town costs about 25-27 USD (or 180 Croatian Kuna). It’s a perfect alternative to a taxi, which usually comes at a higher rate.

      How much is a taxi from Dubrovnik airport to the city?

      A taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to the city costs anywhere from 35 USD and up, depending on the timing of your trip and the taxi driver that you get. 

      If you are visiting Dubrovnik during the busy season, expect to pay around 40 USD for a taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town Dubrovnik. And if you visit Dubrovnik during the shoulder season or low season, your ride will be considerably less. 

      How much is a taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town?

      A taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town Dubrovnik is usually about 40 USD, and if you are traveling to surrounding areas of Dubrovnik like Lapped or Gruz, expect to pay more than that. 

      Transfers from Dubrovnik Airport

      A transfer is a popular way of transportation between Dubrovnik Airport and Old Town as well as surrounding areas like Gruz and Lapad. 

      When booking transportation from Dubrovnik Airport, you can choose from private, shared, and luxury transports that provide different levels of services. 

      Best private transfers from Dubrovnik Airport

      Why book transfers from Dubrovnik airport? 

      The main advantage of Dubrovnik Airport transfers is that you will not have to deal with public transportation or try to negotiate a rate with a taxi driver.

      When you arrive at Dubrovnik Airport, your driver will be already waiting for you, and you will head straight to your accommodation. If you don’t want to take an Uber from Dubrovnik Airport, taking a shared shuttle is a perfect option, as its prices are often comparable, but you get a more personalized service.


      Where can I take Uber in Croatia?

      You can take Uber from Dubrovnik to Split, but it will be a very expensive option that will cost you a few hundred dollars

      Uber in Split 

      Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Uber in Split is cheaper than taxis and offers a perfect transportation option for your commute between the city and surrounding ferry ports since Split is often used as a base for island hopping in Croatia

      Dubrovnik to Split Uber 

      You can take Uber from Dubrovnik to Split, but the price will be very high, with an average of 220 USD or 1,500 Croatian Kunas one way. 

      Uber is the most expensive transportation option between two cities, and unless you are in a hurry, you are better off taking a public bus or booking a transfer, both of which will be considerably cheaper than Uber. 

      Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and you can easily get around by Uber

      Uber in Zagreb

      Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and the largest city in the country where Uber first started. Uber in Zagreb is widely available and is popular with tourists and locals as it offers a good alternative to taxis, which usually charge more money for the same distance. 

      Whether you are looking to take Uber from Zagreb Airport to your hotel or commute around the city, Uber offers a great way to save money. 

      Rovinj is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia

      Uber in Rovinj 

      One of the most popular destinations in Croatia, Rovinj is the main site on the country’s Istrian peninsula. Roving is known for its gorgeous seafront, cobblestone streets, and Venetian architecture. Uber is available in Rovinj if you want to see more of the peninsula without taking public buses. 

      Taking Uber in Sibenik is an excellent alternative to taxis.

      Uber in Sibenik

      Sibenik is a small town along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia that offers quick access to the Kornati Islands and Krka National Park. Uber is a popular mode of transportation in Sibenik, as you can avoid pricey taxi rates which are often geared toward tourists.

      Uber in Dubrovnik: FAQ’s

      Uber in Dubrovnik offers batter rates than taxi and you can use it to commute around the city

      Is there UberXL in Dubrovnik?

      As of 2023, there’s no UberXL in Dubrovnik and when you open the app on your phone you will not see this option. Instead, you can choose from UberX, UberConnect, and an UberVan ride to get around Dubrovnik. If you travel with a big group of people UberVan is the best option, and if you are by yourself, UberX is the best choice. 

      How Safe Is Uber in Dubrovnik?

      Uber is the safest way of transportation in Dubrovnik. All drivers go through a screening process and several check-ups before they can do Uber rides, and if something goes wrong during the ride, you can always report a problem through the app. 

      Can Uber Operate Outside Dubrovnik?

      Yes, you can use Uber outside of Dubrovnik, if you are looking to visit other destinations along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. For example, you can take Uber from Dubrovnik to Cavtat, Dubrovnik Airport, and further destinations like Split.

      Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Croatia?

      Regular Uber rides around Dubrovnik are usually cheaper than taxis, as Uber doesn’t have meters unlike taxis, so you pay for the distance and not for the time. 

      Is it easy to get around Dubrovnik without a car?

      It’s easy to get around Dubrovnik without a car as long as you stay within walking distance from Dubrovnik Old Town. If you don’t have a car, you can always catch Uber or use public transportation that provides service between major parts of the city.

      Can I use Uber in Dubrovnik?

      Yes, Uber is one of the most popular transportation options in Dubrovnik that is popular with both locals and visitors. 

      How much does Uber cost in Dubrovnik?

      The price of Uber depends on your destination and the timing of your trip. The minimum fare of Uber in Dubrovnik is 1,5 Euros. 

      Are Ubers cheap in Dubrovnik?

      While Uber is not always cheap, it’s generally cheaper than a taxi. 

      Are taxis expensive in Dubrovnik?

      Taxis in Dubrovnik are the most expensive form of transportation, and they often charge premiums even for short rides, particularly in the high season when the demand is high. 

      Is Uber reliable in Dubrovnik?

      Yes, Uber is reliable in Dubrovnik. It’s a safe and inexpensive way to get around the city and some of the surrounding areas. 

      Uber in Dubrovnik: the final word

      Uber is the best way to get around Dubrovnik if you want to get around the city and explore the area beyond the famous Dubrovnik Old Town. Uber is generally cheaper than taxis in Dubrovnik and most places in Croatia and offers a safe and reliable way of transportation.