Is there Uber in Kauai?

Uber in Kauai 2023

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Wandering about Uber in Kauai, and need some help? You are in the right place!

Kauai, also called the “Garden Island,” is known for its cinematic landscapes that were profiled in many movies and laid-back atmosphere. Kauai is a great alternative to more touristy islands like Oahu and Maui, but don’t expect it to be cheap – including Uber in Kauai.

Uber is a popular way of transportation in popular resort areas of Kauai as well as Lihue around the airport. However, some parts of the island are remote, so getting a rideshare in those places isn’t an option.

In this article, I will provide an overview of Uber in Kauai, and also explain how to rent a car on the island, so you can plan your perfect adventure and make sure you don’t miss any highlights. 


Uber in Kauai is a popular way of getting around resort areas.


You can use Uber on Kauai to get from Lihue Airport to your hotel and around popular areas like Lihue, Princeville, Hanalei, and Poipu. But don’t rely on Uber to visit remote areas of Kauai, go hiking, or do scenic drives. If you want to do a road trip in Kauai, you need to rent a car

Uber Prices in Kauai 

Uber prices in Kauai tend to be high because of the limited availability. Kauai is sparsely populated with several towns, but outside of them, the island is mostly rural. 

Uber at Lihue Airport 

The main airport on Kauai is Lihue (LIH) in the southeastern part of the island, near the town of Lihue. It serves as the primary entry point to Kaua and has inter-island flights from Hawaii and flights from mainland United States.

Lihue Airport has designated Uber areas where you can catch a ride share to your hotel or AirBnb.

Uber in Princeville Kauai 

Princeville is a resort area on the North Shore of Kauai that boasts a dramatic coastline. Princeville is approximately 28 miles (45 kilometers) northwest of the airport. Uber from Lihue Airport to Princeville costs about $65-70, on average.

You can also Uber around the area, but be aware that it might be expensive, especially during peak hours. 

➡️ If you want to explore the island and save on expensive rideshares, you are better off renting a car in Kauai, because a single Uber ride could be as high as a daily car rental rate!

Taxi Lihue Airport 

You can find taxis at Lihue Airport, but they are not as plentiful as Uber and also cost more. On the good note, it’s possible to negotiate your taxi rate somewhat, especially in the low or shoulder season when taxi drivers in Lihue Airport don’t have as much work.

Private transfer 

Since Uber from Kauai Airport is usually expensive, it’s better to get a private transfer. This is a perfect option if you are traveling with friends or family and want to get to your hotel without trying to get an Uber or negotiate a rate with a taxi. 

Your driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you straight to your hotel. 


The best way to explore the most scenic areas of Kauai is by taking a guided tour

Kauai has several popular areas where you can find resort, stores and restaurants catering to visitors. The best area for you to stay on Kauai depends on your budget and the type of activities you are interested in.

Here are some popular places to stay on Kauai:


Located on the sunny south shore, Poipu is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and golf courses. It has a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to vacation rentals. Poipu Beach Park is popular for snorkeling and sunset watching.

Uber from Lihue Airport to Poipu costs about $35-40, on average.

Where to stay: Koa Kea Resort on Poipu Beach


Princeville and Hanalei are located on the North Shore and boast lush mountains, stunning beaches, and a laid-back atmosphere. Hanalei Bay is a picturesque spot, while the nearby Na Pali Coast boasts breathtaking cliffs and hiking trails.

This area is perfect for adventure junkies!

Where to stay: 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay


Kapaa boasts a central location on the eastern side and offers easy access to the north and south shores. It has vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts. Kapaa has good dining and shopping and is near the scenic Wailua River and the Fern Grotto.

Where to stay: Kauai Shores Hotel


As the main transportation hub on the island, Lihue is a convenient area to stay. Lihue is also home to attractions like the Kilohana Plantation and the Menehune Fishpond. Taking Uber from Lihue Airport to hotels in the area is relatively inexpensive, and should cost around $15-20 depending on where you are going.

Where to stay: The Kauai Inn

How to get around Kauai?

To get around Kauai, you have several transportation options including rental cars, public buses and rideshares. To see the scenic areas of the island, consider taking a guided tour, as some of them, like Na Pali Coast, are NOT accessible by car.


Rental Car

Renting a car is the most convenient way to explore Kauai. There are several car rental companies available at Lihue Airport. I recommend renting a vehicle with DiscoverCars, my favorite car rental company that has great inventory and flexible rates.


Public Transportation

Kauai’s public transportation system is operated by The Kauai Bus. It provides bus service to major towns and popular destinations on the island. While it may not offer as much flexibility as a rental car, it is an affordable option for getting around Kauai.

Taxis and Rideshares

You can eaisly find taxis on Kauai, especially around the airport and major towns. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft also operate on the island, but they might not always be immediately available depending on where you are.


Kauai has many scenic bike paths and rental shops that offer bicycles. This option is best if you plan to explore a specific area or enjoy leisurely rides along the coastline.

Guided Tours

There are numerous guided tours available on Kauai that can take you to popular attractions such as Waimea Canyon, the Napali Coast, and various waterfalls on the south and east coast. These tours often provide transportation, eliminating the need for you to navigate the island yourself.


Best Kauai guided tours

What is the best way to get around Kauai?

Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii andthe best way to get around is by renting a car. You can also take local buses, but they are generally not designed for tourists who want to see major attractions on the island, so you can’t visit the highlights of Kauai by public transportation.  

Can you drive around Kauai?

Yes, you can drive around Kauai. Renting a car is the most convenient way to explore the island as it gives you the freedom to visit various attractions at your own pace.

There are several car rental companies on the island, including at Lihue Airport. It’s best to book your rental car in Kauai well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, so you can avoid crazy high rates!

Car rental Kauai 

Kauai has several car rental companies available, including major national companies and local businesses. Some of the well-known car rental companies on the island are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and Thrifty.

The main entry point to Kauai is Lihue Airport (LIH), and most car rental agencies have desks located in the airport’s terminal. You can easily pick up your rental car upon arrival at the airport, making it a convenient option for starting your journey.



Uber in Kauai is a perfect way to get around the island

Is Kauai safe?

Although Kauai is relatively safe, the unique topography of the island presentes certain challenges. Swim only in the areas where it’s safe to do so, avoid hiking by yourself, especially on longer trails and always check weather reports to make sure the forecast doesn’t call for flashfloods.

Kauai boasts dozens of beaches but only a handful of them have lifeguards. Many becahes on the island have strong currents, which can sweep you into the open water in a matter of seconds. If you want to explore Kauai beaches, always research them to make sure they are safe.

Additionally, lock your car, leave your valuables in your hotel and use the buddy system when going out to explore.

Get a travel insurance for your trip to Kauai

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How do you get around Kauai without a car?

If you don’t have a car, you can get around by taking Uber, catching public transportation or joining guided tours that allow to access some of the most scenic parts of the island.

Kauai distance around the Island 

The distance around the perimeter of Kauai, following the main highway, is approximately 90 miles (145 kilometers). It includes the complete loop around the island on Kaumualii Highway (Route 50), which encircles Kauai’s coastline. The distance and can vary slightly depending on the specific routes taken or detours made along the way.

Kauai traffic: How bad is it?

Kauai generally has less traffic compared to more popular islands like Oahu or the Big Island. Still, traffic conditions can vary depending on the time of day, season, and specific areas on the island. 

Traffic on Kauai can be heavier during peak travel seasons. While Kauai doesn’t have intense rush hour traffic, there can be some congestion during morning and evening commutes, especially around Lihue.

The road to the North Shore, particularly the area around Hanalei, can experience heavier traffic, especially on weekends and holidays. The single-lane bridges along this route can contribute to slower traffic flow and occasional backups.

Popular tourist areas, such as Poipu, Kapaa, or Hanalei, may experience increased traffic during peak hours. Parking in these areas can be limited, especially near popular beaches or attractions.