Bacalar is a town in the southern part of  Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula near the border with Belize

Bacalar is known for its spectacular lagoon of seven colors, where you can spot different shades of blue, from bright turquoise around the edges  to ink blue in the deepest parts of the lagoon

Bacalar is home to several cenotes including Cenote La Bruja, Cenote Azul and Cenote Cocalitos

Within a few hours of Bacalar, you can  find many Mayan ruins like Calakmul, one of the largest archaeological areas in Mexico, located deep in the jungle

Bacalar is a popular destination for eco-tourism. Here you can enjoy the pristine lagoon, snorkel, kayak and sail

Bacalar also boasts many great restaurants  like Enamora, a popular breakfast and brunch spot that also has vegan and vegetarian options.

Bacalar is a perfect place to spend time in the nature, recharge you batteries and get away from the crowds