Tulum seaweed: everything you need to know

Seaweed has become a big problem in Tulum in recnt years. This algea has an unpleasant smell that resembles rotten eggs and can spoil your beach time

The best months to avoid seaweed in Tulum are November, December and January

Most seaweed arrives from May through August when many beaches in Tulum and the Caribbean are covered by the brown algae

The seaweed issue in Tulum ussually gets worse during the hot summer months when Tulum has humid rainy climate

One of them is Bacalar, a stunning lagoon of seven colors where you can swim, sail and kayak

Click below to learn about more places near Tulum where you can avoid the seaweed issue and have a great time

Luckily, there are several places near Tulum where you can escape seaweed