Dubrovnik in October is a perfect destination for your vacation

Dubrovnik in October: weather, things to do and more (2024)

Visiting Dubrovnik in October is a great idea if you want to avoid summer crowds and enjoy the last warm days before it starts getting cold. Although October doesn’t have as many warm sunny days as summer months, it’s still a good time to enjoy the city and the surrounding areas.

If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik this month, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out what the weather is like in Dubrovnik in October, and how to make the most out of your time in the city.



October is the shoulder season in Dubrovnik which marks the end of the busy summer. The number of tourists dwindles considerably, and some businesses begin to close.

Still, the most popular landmarks in Dubrovnik like the Walls of Dubrovnik, Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik Cable Car, and Dubrovnik Old Town remain open, so, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything! 

Although you can still swim in Dubrovnik in October, the water temperature is cooler than in summer, with an average of high teens and low 20’s degree Celsius. 

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October is the best time to visit Dubrovnik, if you are looking for mild weather and smaller crowds.


I visited Dubrovnik in September and October and can tell you that there’s a notable difference between these two months. Early September is still busy with many visitors coming here to enjoy the warm weather and go island hopping along the coast of Croatia

The second half of September and the beginning of October is when things start to change: There are fewer tourists, and the Old Town Dubrovnik feels less crowded compared to summer.


It’s also a perfect time to snag good deals on hotels, AirBnb’s and take day trips to places like Kotor Bay in Montenegro, Mostar in Bosnia, or explore places in Croatia like Korcula, or Mljet National Park

For the best experience, visit Dubrovnik in early-to-mid October before it begins to rain. 

What is the weather like in Dubrovnik in October?

In October, Dubrovnik has mild and pleasant weather as it transitions from summer to fall. The weather is warm, but not scorching hot like in summer, which means you can enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking to Mt. Srd, kayaking in Dubrovnik, or exploring nearby islands.

What is Dubrovnik weather like in late October?

Late October is when the weather begins to get cooler. You can expect the temperatures to be around the mid-teens during the day with a high of 17-18 degrees Celsius.

What is the temperature like in October in Dubrovnik? 

The average high temperatures in October range from 18°C (64°F) to 23°C (73°F), while the average low temperatures range from 11°C (52°F) to 15°C (59°F). Bring both lighter clothing for warmer days and some layers for cooler evenings.

October also sees moderate rainfall in Dubrovnik, with an average of about 100 mm spread across approximately ten days. Pack a light rain jacket or umbrella for occasional rain showers.

Despite the possibility of rainfall, Dubrovnik still enjoys a fair amount of sunshine in October. You can expect around six to seven hours of sunshine per day, which is more than enough time to explore and enjoy outdoor activities.

Uber is an excellent way to see different areas of Dubrovnik like Lapad, Babin Kuk and Gruz

Can you swim in October in Dubrovnik?

The Adriatic Sea is relatively warm in October, although it can start to get more cloudy toward the end of the month. Water temperatures average around 20°C (68°F), which means you can still go for a swim, although the water is colder than during the summer.

On a good note, the beaches around Dubrovnik are mostly free from the crowds during this time, so if you want to go for a picnic or enjoy sunbathing, you will not have to battle for space with dozens of other tourists. 

What to pack for your trip to Dubrovnik in October?

Pack shorts and dresses for daytime, and a few hoodies and a jacket for evenings when it gets chilly. Overall, Dubrovnik has mild weather during October when the minimum daily temperature rarely drops below 14 degrees Celsius. 

What events are held in Dubrovnik in October?

Although October is mostly a quiet time in Dubrovnik, several events take place in the city during this month like Dubrovnik Triathlon, and The Good Food Festival that showcases local delicacies and drinks. 

Is Dubrovnik worth visiting in October?

October is the best time to visit Dubrovnik which offers a combination of good prices on hotels and mild temps. The crowds are also smaller, and while cruise ships continue to bring tourists, the city doesn’t feel crowded anymore. The summer heat is gone and you can enjoy warm summer days, albeit with a chance of rain. 

When to avoid Dubrovnik?

While there’s no bad time to visit Dubrovnik, I don’t recommend visiting this city during July and August when the temperatures are hot, crowds are high, and prices are skyrocketing. Plan your trip to Dubrovnik for May or September, which have better weather and lower crowds. 


  • Boutique Hotel Porto – Located less than 1 km from Bellevue Beach, this popular boasts a lush garden, private parking, a terrace, and a daily breakfast. Plenty of good restaurants in the area, and you can get to Old Town Dubrovnik by catching a bus right outside.
  • Pearl of Adriatic – A modern apartment with super views of the Adriatic Sea and the Dubrovnik Old Town, this property has a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace, and friendly hosts. Car rental is available and pets are welcome.
  • Sun Gardens Dubrovnik – Located along the stunning beach, the hotel offers gorgeous views of the Adriatic Sea and super amenities like a spa, restaurants, outdoor pools, a fitness center, soccer, and tennis court. If you want to treat yourself while staying in Dubrovnik, this is the best place.
Uber in Dubrovnik is the best way to get around the city


October is the perfect month to enjoy some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. The mild weather is perfect for enjoying the area and making the best out of your visit whether you want to enjoy day trips to places like Mostar, and Kotor or take a short trip to Lokrum Island.

To get familiar with the city book this popular walking tour of Dubrovnik.

1. Dubrovnik Walking tours 

The UNESCO-listed Old Town Dubrovnik is a true pearl of the Adriatic, and the best way to get to know is by taking one of Dubrovnik walking tours.

Most walking tours include the highlights of the Old Town like the Dubrovnik Cathedral, Lovrijenac Fortress, Rector’s Palace, and Onofrio Fountain.

Although you can explore the city on your own, having a local guide tell you the story of these places will give on an entirely different perspective and allow you to learn about things that many tourists miss. 


2. Dubrovnik Games of Throne Tours 

Before it was featured in the Games of Thrones, Dubrovnik was a sleepy town along the southern coast of Croatia, that few travelers knew about. But things quickly changed after the popular show put it in the spotlight: Now Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia that has flights from all over Europe and the United States.

If you want to learn about the top filming spots and how the city has changed since the show put it on the map, this Games of Thrones tour is for you! 

A day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro is one of the most fun trips in Croatia

3. Day trips to Kotor from Dubrovnik

Kotor Bay (also known as Boka Kotorska) is a top highlight of Montenegro. Located along the bay of the Adriatic Sea that looks like a fjord, this stunning town is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. 

➡️ Read: How to take a day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

Kotor is one of the most popular destinations in Montenegro and many visitors come here on a day trip. A tour of Montenegro from Dubrovnik usually takes all day and includes several other highlights like the coastal town of Perast and a visit to Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela) a small island off the coast of Perast famous for the pretty Roman Catholic church with blue domes.


It’s one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik which is not to be missed! 

Mostar is one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik

4. Take a day trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik

Located about 2.5 hours away from Dubrovnik, Mostar is a popular destination in the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can learn history, enjoy delicious food, and explore the city famous for its Old Bridge connecting two parts of the town across the river.


I visited Mostar by bus, I had to do a lot of research on my own since I didn’t have a guide. If you want a better experience, I highly recommend taking a guided tour of Mostar, since you will have a guide with you who can give a context on the history and culture of this place.

5. Kayaking tours of Dubrovnik

A kayaking tour of Dubrovnik offers a perfect chance to see the pearl of the Adriatic from the water. During this fun tour, you will have an opportunity to paddle past the city’s medieval walls and also have some time for snorkeling and swimming in the secluded cove.


6. Take a day trip to Korcula 

If you want to enjoy Croatia’s wine-tasting and scenic countryside, take a day trip to Korcula, a gem of the Pelješac peninsula known for its gorgeous coastal towns and idyllic vineyards.

Marvel at the medieval walls of Ston, ride the ferry to Korcula Island, and explore Marco Polo’s alleged birthplace. The tour ends with wine tasting at a local winery. 

7. Enjoy the last swim

Dubrovnik and surrounding areas boast many gorgeous beaches, and October offers the last opportunity to enjoy a swim before it gets cold. Although some travelers say that 20 degrees is to chilly, you could still dip in the water at one of the most popular beaches near Dubrovnik, like Bellevue Beach, Banje Beach, or Sveti Jakov Beach

8. Hike to Mt. Srd

Head to Srd Mountain for sunset views in the evening. You can catch a cable car right across from the Old Town, but if you can, take a hike. This will save you money and allow enjoy incredible views without running into too many people. It’s a strenuous trail that goes up the hill, so put on good shoes and bring plenty of water.

Best scenic drives of Mt. Srd from Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik Airport is in the small town of Cilipi, about 21 km from Old Town Dubrovnik. The drive takes about 25-30 minutes, depending on your type of transportation.

The cheapest way to get from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town is by taking a bus, which stops right outside the main terminal and coast 6 euro, but you can also take an Uber or taxi. But if you want more comfort, consider booking a private transfer.

Dubrovnik Airport private transfer

Private transfer from Dubrovnik Airport is the best option, especially after a long flight. The way, you cha relax, listen to some music and get to your hotel pretty quickly.

Your driver will pick you up at the arrivals and get you to your hotel quickly. 



October in Duborvnik is a perfect time to avoid crowds and enjoy the nice weather.

Is October a good time to visit Dubrovnik?

October is a perfect time to visit Dubrovnik to avoid summer crowds and enjoys milder temperatures when it’s still warm enough to be outside, although evenings feel cooler compared to summer. October is also a good time for deals on tours and hotels, as prices begin to drop after the high season.

Is it still hot in Dubrovnik in October?

The weather in Dubrovnik is pleasantly warm, with temperatures reaching the high teens or low 20s degrees during the day. It’s also not common to see some rain, especially during the second half of October, although rain showers usually don’t last long. 

What is Dubrovnik like in October?

October sees fewer crowds, milder temperatures, and lower prices on accommodations in Dubrovnik. It’s the beginning of the low season that sees a drop in visitors, as the weather is less optimal for going to the beach and swimming. 


October is an ideal month for a trip to Dubrovnik, because you can get the most out of your visit without baking in the hot sun and overpaying for hotels. If you plan to visit Dubrovnik during this month, pack some lighter clothing and layers and be prepared for some rain, especially if you are visiting during the second half of the month.