About me

The Discovery Nut is a popular blog about adventure travel that includes helpful information about Mexico, Central America, South America and Road trips in the United States.

Hello guys,

My name is Daria, I’m an adventure travel blogger and explorer, and I always have a fun trip planned out! 

I’m incredibly happy that you landed on my blog, so let me introduce myself quickly. 

I’ve spent a while road tripping along the West Coast of the United States, exploring national parks like Sequoia, and Yosemite, touring Utah’s Mighty Five and hiking and camping in Colorado’s mountains. 

And while I love tropical beaches, I also enjoy hiking in the mountains, so I could never choose between the two! 

I also lived in Mexico and Central America, where I learned Spanish, explored gorgeous colonial cities, hidden beaches and hiked in places where few tourists go. From the jungles of Costa Rica to paradise-like islands of Belize, and historic neighborhoods of Mexico City, this is one of my favorite part of the world.

That’s why I created the Discovery Nut to inspire you get you get outside your comfort zone and explore more!

Whether you want to learn new cultures, go hiking or take a road trip, I’m here to help you. I hope you find my content helpful and use it to plan your adventures. 

I’m always here to answer any questions that you might have for me, and I’m happy to get to know everyone who reads my blog! 

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