Uber in Barcelona is mostly unavailable, so be aready to use other ways of transportation in Barcelona like taxis, buses and metro.

Uber in Barcelona

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Traveling to Barcelona and wondering if it has Uber? You are in the right place! While there’s a version of Uber in Barcelona, it’s slightly different from the classic Uber that you’ve used before.

But don’t worry, we are here to get things clear! In this article, you will find out everything about how to use Uber in the Catalan capital as well as learn about taxis in Barcelona and public transportation.



Yes, there is Uber in Barcelona, but its availability is extremely limited with very few Uber X and Uber Taxis on the road. If you manage to get Uber in Barcelona, it will most likely be Uber Taxi, operated by a local taxi company, so don’t be surprised if see a regular taxi cab 🚕 show up as your ride.

What happened to Uber in Barcelona?

Barcelona taxi companies have put up multiple protests against the popular ride-sharing app in recent years, causing to go nearly extinct. Don’t rely on Uber in Barcelona as your primary way of transportation, and be ready to use public transportation or regular taxis to get around.

While Uber is available in Madrid and several other cities in Spain, Uber in Barcelona is in a poor state, due to regulatory changes and ongoing disputes with the local taxi cab companies, which is similar to what’s been going on with Uber in Greece.

Is it safe to take Uber in Barcelona?

Although Uber in Barcelona is hard to come by, it’s much safer than traditional taxis, and you have less chance of getting scammed with Uber than a regular taxi in Barcelona. Uber vets all of its drivers, meaning that they need to pass a background check, and the vehicle also has to go through an inspection.

In addition, Uber tracks your entire trip and keeps all the relevant information on file like your pick-up time and location. You can also rate your driver by the end of your trip – something you don’t get with a regular taxi.

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Uber in Barcelona is a popualr way of getting around

1. Always check the license plate

Before your get in a vehicle, always check if the license plate matches the one you have in the app. 

2. Learn a few words in Spanish

Although you are not required to speak with your driver as the Uber app arranges everything for you, speaking the local language could be hugely beneficial if you need to ask something since not every Uber driver in Barcelona speaks English.

3. Make sure you can call/text during the ride

You can do it by unlocking your phone to get a Spanish SIM card or contacting your cell phone service carrier to ensure you have cell phone service while in Spain.

4. Always keep someone posted about your trip

Whether it’s a friend or relative, have at least one person who knows about your travel plans. 

5. Keep a low profile

Although Dubrovnik is generally a safe destination, and you should be just as safe when taking Uber in Dubrovnik, it’s helpful to maintain a low profile. It will help you to get a better attitude and avoid unwanted attention.



The distance between Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) International Airport (more commonly known as El Prat) and the city is about 10 miles.

Train from Barcelona Airport to the city

The train is the cheapest way to get from Barcelona Airport to the city and usually costs around 2-3 euros one way and takes about 25-30 minutes. 

Although you can try to take Uber from Barcelona Airport, it's best to book a private transfer


Getting an Uber at the Barcelona Airport is unlikely because of how limited its services in the city are virtually non-existent, so you should plan on using a different type of transportation.

If you are traveling to Barcelona, your best bet is to book a private or shared shuttle to your hotel from Barcelona Airport, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time, and are not familiar with Barcelona’s public transportation.

Book one of the most popular transfers from Barcelona airport

Private transfer is also a great option, if you don’t speak Spanish, and don’t feel comfortable negotiating taxi prices or trying to figure out what public transportation you need to get to your hotel. 

Can I take an Uber to my hotel from Barcelona airport? ✈️

Since your chances of getting an Uber at Barcelona Airport are pretty slim, you shouldn’t rely on it to get to your hotel. I suggest booking Airport Transfer from Barcelona Airport to your accommodation. 


What are the alternatives to Uber in Barcelona? 

Barcelona has a good public transportation network which includes buses, trains, and a metro. In addition, you can also take a taxi or order from Cabify, a Spanish version of Uber, which works similarly to a ride-sharing app. 


Since Barcelona has an extensive public transportation network and you can get to most places by walking, you don’t need a car. I recommend renting a car 🚘 for your day trips from Barcelona to places like Tossa, Girona, or the neighboring country Andorra.

Speaking from personal experience, the entire Costa Brava region of Spain north of Barcelona and toward the border with France is just amazing, and having a car rental will allow you to stop in small villages and explore places off the beaten track

Another option is to take a guided tour, since guided tours offer a more curated experience and save you a lot of hassle because you don’t have to do any research or plan logistics. ⤵️

Check Viator my favorite platform for guided tour in Barcelona and other destinations in Spain

Check DiscoverCars, my favorite platform for renting cars in Spain. They have no foreign transaction fees and offer very competitive rates.


Book the most popular guided tours of Barcelona to explore the city


Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, has an extensive public transportation system that provides convenient and efficient options for getting around the city. The public transportation network in Barcelona includes buses, trams, metro, and suburban trains. 

1. Metro

The Barcelona Metro is a fast and reliable underground rail network that covers most areas of the city. It consists of several lines (numbered from L1 to L11) that connect various neighborhoods, popular landmarks, and transport hubs.

The metro operates from 5:00 am until midnight on weekdays and Sundays, with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Buses

Barcelona has an extensive bus network that complements the metro system and reaches areas not covered by underground trains. The buses run from early morning until midnight and cover the entire city. Night buses, known as NitBus, operate during the night hours when regular services are not available.

3. Trams

Barcelona also has a tram network that serves certain neighborhoods and provides a convenient mode of transportation. Trams are particularly useful for traveling to areas near the city center, such as the beachfront and parts of the L’Eixample district.

4. Suburban Trains

The RENFE suburban train system connects Barcelona with nearby towns and cities in the metropolitan area. These trains are a great option to explore areas beyond the city limits, such as Sitges or Montserrat.

To use public transportation in Barcelona, you can purchase individual tickets, or you can opt for unlimited travel passes such as the T-10 card, which offers ten trips within the city and is valid for multiple people.

Additionally, the Hola Barcelona Travel Card provides unlimited travel on public transportation for 2, 3, 4, or 5 consecutive days.

It’s worth noting that Barcelona’s public transportation system is well-integrated, allowing you to transfer seamlessly between different modes of transport using the same ticket or travel pass.

The Transport Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) provides detailed information on routes, schedules, fares, and travel cards, which can be accessed online or through their mobile app.

Should I use a taxi or Uber in Barcelona?

Since Uber has very limited availability in Barcelona, use regular taxis, especially if you are in a hurry. You can find taxis in Barcelona near many major landmarks or around designated taxi areas. 

Taxi in Barcelona is a perfect mode of transportation if you want to get around quickly and inexpensively


Barcelona has a well-developed taxi network, and taxis are a common and convenient mode of transportation in the city. Taxis in Barcelona are usually black and yellow, and they can be easily hailed on the street or found at designated taxi ranks throughout the city.

Here are some key points to know about taxis in Barcelona:

1. Identification

Taxis in Barcelona are easily recognizable by their black and yellow color scheme. They also display a green light on the roof when they are available for hire.

2. Taxi Stands

You can find taxi stands (paradas de taxi) throughout the city, especially near popular areas such as tourist attractions, train stations, and shopping districts. Look for the signs indicating the location of taxi ranks.

3. Hailing a Taxi in Barcelona

If you’re not near a taxi stand, you can typically hail a taxi on the street by raising your hand when you see an available taxi with a green light on its roof. It’s important to note that during busy periods, it may be more challenging to find an available taxi on the street, so consider heading to a taxi rank instead.

4. Taxi Apps

Barcelona also has taxi-hailing apps that allow you to request a taxi using your smartphone. These apps provide convenient options for ordering a taxi, tracking its arrival, and paying for the ride. Popular taxi apps in Barcelona include MyTaxi and Free Now

5. Tariffs

Taxis in Barcelona operate on a metered system. The fare is calculated based on the distance and time spent in the taxi. Additional charges may apply for certain circumstances, like airport pick-ups or late-night rides.

➡️ Make sure the meter is running during your journey and ask for a receipt at the end of the trip.

6. Accessibility

Barcelona taxis typically have room for up to four passengers. Some taxis can accommodate passengers with disabilities. These accessible taxis have a green stripe on the sides and have ramps or lifts.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Spain?

Although it’s not common to tip taxi drivers in Spain, you can always leave a gratuity at the end of your ride, if you think you have received good service. 


1. Andorra and France from Barcelona – 3 countries in one day

One of the most fun tours from Barcelona, this trip allows you to visit 3 countries in just one day! 

During the tour, you will visit Ax-les-Thermes in France, where you can try traditional cheeses and explore the spring waters. Andorra is known for its low prices on many goods, which attracts many shoppers here.

The tour includes a pick-up from your hotel, a lunch stop, and a return to Barcelona. 


2. Montserrat tour with lunch and gourmet wine tasting

A perfect adventure for wine lovers, this popular tour from Barcelona allows you a chance to visit Montserrat in the Catalan countryside where you can enjoy a guided tour through the Basilica and Monastery on Montserrat, a multi-peak mountain that provides a dramatic overlook of the area. 

The tour also includes free time when you can continue to explore the museum, farmer’s market, or views from the ridge of Cavall Bernat.

The adventure includes a multi-course, and Catalan meal at the winery’s restaurant, including wine. It’s by far one of the most popular tours from Barcelona, so it’s best to book your spot now.


3. Girona and Costa Brava Small-Group Tour from Barcelona

A trip to Costa Brava was one of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona, and I’m sure, it will be yours too!

This popular tour offers an opportunity to visit the medieval city of Girona and the scenic Costa Brava with this small group excursion for a maximum of 8 guests.

During the tour, you have a chnace to visit the Catalonian villages of northeastern Spain includes guided tours of Pals and Calella de Palafrugell.

Hotel pickup and drop-off included.



Taxi in Barcelona is a popular of getting around the city

How much is a taxi from Barcelona Airport to City Center?

A taxi from Barcelona Airport to the city center usually costs around 35-40 Euro, it’s the fastest way to get to the city from the airport. 

Is there Uber Eats in Barcelona?

Yes, you can use Uber Eats in Barcelona. Download a specific Uber Eats app on your phone to use Uber Eats.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Barcelona?

Uber and taxi are usuually about the same price, however, taxis are more widely available in the city than Uber.

Does Uber have Lyft?

As of 2023, there’s no Lyft in Barcelona. 

How much does an Uber cost in Barcelona?

According to Uber, its prices in the Catalan capital will be 15% lower than those of city taxis –which can go up by 20% for rides to the airport–, with 16 cents per minute and 1.42 euros per kilometer. The minimum fee is set at 5.50 euros.

What is the Barcelona version of Uber?

While Uber is not available in all Spanish cities, including Barcelona, you can use local ride-sharing apps, like Cabby, FreeNow, or Bolt, a popular European ride-sharing platform that is available in many other destinations including Dubrovnik


Although Uber is mostly not an option in Barcelona, you can take advantage of the city’s extensive public transportation network in addition to taxi services and local versions of Uber-like Cabify and Bolt.

You can rent a car in Barcelona to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in Costa Brava, the northern region of Spain that boasts a spectacular coastline and has many charming seaside villages and gorgeous landscapes. Guided tours are also an option, if you are looking for a more personalized experience and would rather have your guide help you to explore the area.