Is Uber in Madrid safe?

Uber in Madrid: Everything You Need to Know (2024)

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Traveling to Spain, and want to find out whether Uber is available in Madrid?

The answer is yes, Uber is available in Madrid, and several cities in Spain. It’s a great way to get around the Spanish capital without breaking the bank or trying to figure out public transportation.

Uber is convenient if you want to save time and see major attractions in Madrid and get around the city quickly without taking public transportation.

Does Uber Work In Madrid?

Yes, Uber works in Madrid. You can book a ride through the Uber App and choose from several types of Uber available, including Uber X, Uber Comfort, and Uber Black.

Uber in Madrid Price

The price of Uber in Madrid depends on the distance and timing of your trip. If you take Uber during peak hours, expect to pay more than average. Likewise, if you are traveling longer distances, you will pay extra for your Uber ride.

What type of Uber is available in Madrid?

There are several types of Uber available in Madrid, from Uber X to Uber Pet and Uber Green, which offers rides in electric vehicles.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Uber X – The most popular version of Uber
  • Uber XL – Bigger vehicles that are perfect for larger groups up to 6 people.
  • Uber Pet – Not every Uber driver allows pets. If you travel with your furry friend, order Uber Pet
  • Uber Green – Uber that uses electric vehicles
  • Uber Black – Uber that uses luxury vehicles operated by professional drivers
  • Uber Comfort – Newer Uber vehicles with extra space.

What’s the difference between Uber X and Uber Taxi?

When you are in Madrid, you might see Uber Taxi, which works as a regular meter taxi and has a meter.

Where can I take Uber in Madrid?

Uber is available throughout the center of Madrid, as well as in many suburbs of the city.

Uber in Madrid

Uber in Madrid Airport

Uber is also available at Madrid Airport, Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas (code: MAD). When you arrive, follow the signs toward the Uber pick-up area. Order your ride through the Uber app by choosing your destination and pick-up time.

How much is Uber from the airport to Madrid Center?

The average price of Uber from Madrid Airport to the city center is between 25-30 euros, which depends on the timing of your trip and the current demand.

Regular taxis from Madrid airport have a flat rate of about 30 euros.

Do I need to tip Uber drivers in Madrid?

While you are not required to tip Uber drivers in Madrid, leaving a gratuity is a good way to show your appreciation for the services if you enjoyed your trip and your driver was polite and helpful.

If you want to tip your Uber driver, a good rule of thumb is to leave between 10-20 percent of your total fee in tips.

You can add a tip to the total bill after you finish your trip. Uber will ask you if you want to add a tip to your total bill.

Is Uber in Madrid safe?

Uber in Madrid is generally safe. The company has added several safety features aimed at protecting its customers after the platform recorded thousands of safety incidents. While these incidents were not specific to Madrid, or Spain, they underscored the potential safety risks for Uber passengers.

New Uber safety features

Following the report, Uber has roleld out a host of safety features, from driver screening and background checks to GPS tracking systems and live support, which allows passengers to report any issues during their trip.

Safety tips for taking Uber in Madrid

Is Uber safe in Madrid?

✔️ Watch out for Uber drivers with low ratings

Before your driver arrives to pick you up, you can always modify or cancel your trip. If a driver has an unusually low rating (below 4.7), you should look for another ride.

Although Uber does background checks on its drivers and makes sure everyone has a good safety record, you might come across drivers with less than stellar ratings. Usually there’s a reason for it, and if you want to have a pleasant and safe ride, book a ride with a driver who has a good rating.

✔️ Keep someone posted about your trip

When taking Uber, let someone back home know about your travel plans. One of the newest Uber safety features allows you to add a “trusted contact” that sends out an alert whether you take an Uber in Madrid or any other city.

✔️Check the license plate

Before getting in a car, make sure that the license plate of your Uber matches the license plate in the app.

✔️Confirm driver’s name

Another good way to ensure a safe trip is to confirm your driver’s name before starting your trip.

✔️Activate your PIN

If you speak Spanish, consider activating a PIN, a security feature that requires you to give you a 4-digit code generated by the Uber app to the driver. The goal of this feature is to ensure that you don’t get into the wrong car.

Once the driver enters the code that you provided, they can begin a trip.

✔️Learn some Spanish

Although the Uber app arranges everything for you, speaking Spanish could be helpful if you need to explain directions or clarify the drop-off location to a driver.

✔️Avoid sharing personal data

If a driver starts a conversation with you, stay polite but refrain from sharing personal details or travel plans. Choose neutral topics that don’t stir controvery and avoid sensitive issues like politics or religion.

✔️ Keep a low profile

Madrid is a safe destination, and you are not likely to have any problems when taking Uber. Still, you should maintain a low profile during your trip. It will help you to get a better attitude and avoid unwanted attention.

Uber is available in many destinations in Colorado, including Aspen, Denver and Breckenridge.

How to use Uber in Madrid?

To use Uber in Madrid, you need to follow the same steps as you would anywhere else.

Here’s what you need to do to book a ride with Uber:

➡️ Download the Uber app on your phone

You can find the Uber app in the App Store on your iPhone and Android.

➡️ Create a profile

To use the Uber app, fill out your profile and enter your address, email, phone number, and payment information. This information is not visible to anybody else but you.

➡️ Order your ride

Once you complete your profile, you can book your first ride. Go to the app, and enter your destination. The app will show you prices, the estimated wait time, and the type of Uber cars that are available in your area. Uber prices could fluctuate during different times of the day.

➡️ Wait for your driver to arrive

After you confirm your trip, wait for your driver to pick you up. The app allows you to see their exact location in real time, as they drive toward you.

➡️ Don’t forget to confirm driver’s identity

Make sure that the driver’s name, as well as the vehicle’s license plate and model, match the information provided by the Uber app.

➡️ Leave your feedback

When you finish the race, you can rate your driver on a scale from 1 to 5. This way, you can compliment your driver or let Uber know about any issues that come up during your trip.

➡️ Leave a tip

Tipping Uber drivers in Madrid is not required, but if you received good service, you can show your appreciation by leaving a tip through the app at the end of your ride.

Prices of taxi in Madrid

Taxi in Madrid

You can find plenty of taxis in Madrid, and unlike with Uber, you don’t need to wait for them to arrive. While Uber rates often depend on how many people are requesting rides or the timing of your trip, the prices of taxis in Madrid are regulated by the government.

Madrid Taxi Prices

Taxi fares in Madrid are usually higher than Uber, as they have flat rates. Taxis in Madrid have a minimum fee, a meter rate, as well as surcharges that are applied during busy times of the day and big events.

👉 Always clarify the price before taking a taxi in Madrid.

One big difference between Uber and taxis in Madrid is that you need to speak at least some Spanish when taking a taxi, as you will need to negative the rate and give your driver directions.

Uber, in comparison, has fluctuating prices that depend on the time and date of your trip, as well as current demand.

Polite phrases in Spanish for taking Uber or taxi

  • Hola, ¿está libre?” (Hello, is it available?)
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta el viaje a…?” (How much does the trip to… cost?)
  • Por favor, lléveme a...” (Please, take me to…)
  • Gracias” (Thank you)
  • ¿Acepta tarjeta de crédito?” (Do you accept credit card?)
  • ¿Puede parar aquí, por favor?” (Can you stop here, please?)
  • ¿Me puede dar un recibo, por favor?” (Can you give me a receipt, please?)
  • Adiós” (Goodbye)
If you want to take Uber from Denver Airport to downtown, you need to download the app and request the ride.

Is it better to take a taxi or Uber to Madrid airport?

When it comes to prices, there’s not a lot of difference between taxis and Uber at Madrid Airport. Compared to other countries, like the United States, where you can save a lot of money by taking Uber, taxi prices in Madrid are not much higher than Uber.

You can catch a taxi outside the main terminal at Madrid Airport, while Uber might take a few minutes to arrive.

Private Transfer from Madrid Airport

If you don’t feel like dealing with Uber, book a private transfer from Madrid Airport to your hotel. It’s a great option after a long flight, as you can sit down and relax without having to explain directions.

Your driver will pick you up in the arrivals and drive you to your hotel.

Best private transfers from Madrid Airport

Other popular ride share services in Madrid

Bolt is a popular lturenative to Uber in Madrid

Bolt in Madrid

Bolt is another popular ride-share platform in Madrid. Bolt is an Estonia-based company that offers ride-sharing, scooter rentals, and food delivery services in several Spanish cities like Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, and Zaragoza.

I’ve never taken Bolt in Madrid, so I can’t talk about what their services are like, but according to Bolt’s website, the starting fee of a Bolt ride in Madrid is 3.5 euros.

Bolt is a popular alternative to Uber for pick-up airports and drop-offs.

Cabify in Madrid

Cabify is another ride-sharing service available in Madrid, and several other cities in Spain, including Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza, and Murcia.

Cabby operates similarly to Uber and allows you to book your ride through a smartphone app. Cabify offers several types of services including Cabify Classic, Cabify Plus, Cabby Group, and Cabify ASAP.

Bla Bla Car in Madrid

Bla Bla Car is an excellent option if you are traveling between cities and need to cover longer distances.

Bla Bla Car is a carpool service that allows registered drivers to publish their trips on the app. Drivers who travel from Madrid to other cities in Spain usually have 2-3 seats available, and have a designated pick-up spot for their passengers.

I found Bla Bla Car to be cheaper than regular buses in Span, so it’s an excellent option if you want to save money.

Is there a Lyft in Madrid?

As of 2024, there’s no Lyft in Madrid.

Renting a car in Madrid

Renting a car in Madrid is a great idea, if you want to take day trips to cities like Segovia, Toledo, Avila, Valencia, and Salamanca.

Driving in Spain is a lot of fun, as you get to enjoy the stunning countryside with mountains, hills, and cozy villages along the way.

You can rent a car at Madrid Airport or in the center of Madrid. Many car rental companies have offices near major landmarks in the city. I recommend DiscoverCars for renting a car in Madrid.

DiscoverCars offers flexible rates and a good selection of vehicles. You can also purchase your car insurance through them, and choose from basic, medium and comprehensive plans.


Where to stay in Madrid:

  • Dear Hotel Madrid – One of the best stays in central Madrid, Dear Hotel is located near Plaza Espana and boasts stunning rooftop views of the city.
  • Hotel Regina – A popular hotel in the heart of Madrid, Regina has excellent breakfast and cozy rooms perfect to relax after. Day of activities.
  • Gran View Apartments – An Aparthotel along Madrid’s Gran Via, this place has a full kitchen, bedroom, a seating area, and a swimming pool. Free airport shuttle is available to guests.

How to get around Madrid: Uber alternatives

How to get around Madrid

Aside from Uber, Madrid offers great public transportation. If you don’t mind spending extra time on your trip and can navigate the city with minimal help, consider using Madrid public transportation.

1. Metro

Madrid’s metro system is one of the largest in Europe and an excellent way to navigate the city. It consists of 12 lines that cover a wide area, reaching most neighborhoods and attractions. It’s usually fast and reliable.

2. Buses

Madrid has an extensive bus network operated by the Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT). Buses cover areas not served by the metro and provide convenient transportation throughout the city. There are also night buses (called “búhos”) that operate during the late-night hours.

3. Cercanías (Suburban Trains)

Cercanías is a network of suburban trains that connect Madrid with its surrounding areas. These trains are useful for traveling to nearby towns and cities.

4. Trams

Madrid also has a tram network, although it is not as extensive as the metro or bus systems. The tram lines mainly serve specific neighborhoods.

5. Integrated Ticket System

Madrid has an integrated ticket system called the “Abono Transportes,” which allows users to use multiple modes of transportation with a single ticket. You can choose from different zones and durations based on your needs.

6. Bikes and scooters

Madrid has implemented bike lanes and offers bike rental services for those who prefer cycling. Additionally, there are shared mobility services like electric scooters and electric bikes available in the city.

7. Taxis

Taxis are readily available throughout the city, offering a convenient option for transportation, especially during late hours or when traveling with luggage.

Best guided tours of Madrid

Guided tours of Madrid

Guided tours of Madrid are an excellent alternative to Uber, as you get to explore the city with an English-speaking guide and visit the top landmarks in a single trip.


Guided tours of Madrid usually include an overview of the city, and its history and include stops at some of the most important cultural and historic landmarks.

Best guided tours of Madrid

Best places to visit with Uber in Madrid

While Madrid is a very walkable city with plenty of public transportation options, Uber allows you to get around quickly, and save time. It’s especially convenient if you don’t have a lot of time in Madrid, and want to make the most out of your day.

The Royal Palace of Madrid

The palace is known for its stunning architecture, opulent rooms, and beautiful gardens.

Plaza Mayor

This historic square is surrounded by picturesque buildings and is a great place to enjoy a coffee or a meal. It’s also a hub for cultural events and street performances.

Retiro Park

A vast and beautiful park in the heart of Madrid, Retiro Park offers a peaceful retreat with its lakes, gardens, and sculptures. You can also row a boat on the lake or visit the Crystal Palace.

Gran Vía

Madrid’s main shopping street, lined with theaters, shops, and restaurants. It’s a vibrant and bustling area. A quieter and great alternative is Calle Fuencarral.

Plaza Espana

An iconic plaza in the center of Madrid, Plaza Espana is anchored by a large monument dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes, one of the most significant figures in Spanish literature. The square is flanked by the Torre de Madrid and the Edificio España (Spain Building).

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

A must-visit for football fans, home to Real Madrid. You can take a tour of the stadium and explore the trophy room.

Prado Museum

One of the most renowned art museums in the world, the Prado Museum boasts an impressive collection of European art, featuring works by artists like Velázquez, Goya, and Titian.

Barrio Malasaña

Malasaña is a vibrant and trendy neighborhood in Madrid known for its bohemian atmosphere, eclectic street art, and alternative culture. The neighborhood is known for its urban art scene, and many walls are adorned with colorful graffiti.

Teatro Lara is a historic theater in Malasaña hosts a variety of performances, including plays, concerts, and comedy shows. The Malasaña Market offers handmade crafts, vintage items, and unique finds.

Uber in Madrid: FAQ’s

Uber in Madrid

Can you use Uber in Madrid?

Yes, you can use Uber in Madrid.

Is a taxi or Uber cheaper in Madrid?

Uber is slightly cheaper than taxis in Madrid, and it also eliminates the language barrier, as it provides navigation and time estimates.

Can I get an Uber from Madrid Airport?

Yes, you can get an Uber from Madrid Airport. Open your app, request a ride to your destination, and wait for the driver to show up.

Do Uber drivers in Madrid speak English?

Although some Uber drivers in Madrid speak English, it’s never a guarantee that you will be able to communicate with your driver in English, which is why it’s a good idea to learn some Spanish.

Uber in Madrid: the final word

Uber in Madrid offers a cost-effective way to see some of the top attractions and get around quickly and without a hassle. While navigating Madrid public transport could be an issue for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish and is not familiar with the city, Uber in Madrid takes care of all the logistics and eliminates the need to learn the new language, as it does everything for you.

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