Uber in Greece is available in many cities including Athens

Uber in Greece: Your Complete Guide (2023)

Greece is one of the most popular destinations famous for its gorgeous beaches, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. Who doesn’t want to visit it? 😃 If you are planning a trip to this country, you likely want to know whether there’s an Uber in Greece.

While Uber is a popular and affordable way of transportation in many European countries like Croatia and Spain, things are a bit more tricky with the popular ride-sharing companies in Greece.

In this article, we will take a look at Uber in Athens, Uber on Greek islands as well as other forms of transportation around the country. 


Uber in Greece is available only as Uber Taxi and is operated by licensed taxi companies, so when you order a ride on your phone, a regular taxi cab will show up. 

In 2018, Uber suspended its UberX service in Greece after local taxi companies alleged the company had an unfair advantage in the licensing process and put up multiple protests. Uber Taxi is the only option currently available in the country which operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Santorini. 

As of 2023, the strict regulations which have been imposed by the Greek government against Uber remain in place. Under these rules, ride-sharing companies in Greece should be operated by licensed taxi drivers and follow strict guidelines.

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Uber in Athens operates as Uber Taxi and isoperated by local taxi companies


The only form of Uber available in Athens is Uber Taxi. After Uber started operating in the city in 2015, however, was suspended in 2018 after many protests by the local taxi companies and legal challenges. As of 2023, you can only take Uber Taxi in Athens which is essentially a regular taxi cab.


Is There an Uber at Athens Airport?

While UberX is not available at Athens Airport, you can take Uber Taxi, a local version of Uber operated by licensed taxi drivers. Similarly, you can use UberTaxi to get around the city, but be aware that they always look like standard taxi cabs. 

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    How Do I Get from the Airport to My Hotel in Athens?

    Hiring a private transfer is the best option for getting to your hotel after a long flight. Avoid dealing with taxis, negotiating the rates and trying to figure out the correct pick up spot – Your driver will meet you in the arrivals and drive you staright to your hotel, so you can finally relax!


    Pros of booking private transportation from Athens Airport

    • Personalized attention of your driver
    • Good opportunity to relax after a flight – unlike small taxi cabs with little space
    • No need to wait for taxis – your driver will meet you in the arrivals

    Cons of booking private transportation from Athens Airport

    • More expensive than other transportation options
    • Could sell out quickly during the high season


    Athens is where many traveleres start their Greek adventures. The capital of the country has plenty of accommodations from simple hostels to luxurious hotels near some of the major landmarks.

    Here are some options:

    • Selina Athens Theatrou – Selina is a trendy hostel that offers private and shared rooms. It’s a perfect place to save money on accommodations and meet fellow traveleres from all over the world.
    • Omorfokklisias Apartments – A perfect place for a relaxing stay, these gorgeous apartments come with a kitchen, parking and proximity to public transportation.
    • Wyndham Athens Residence – One of the best hotels in Athens, Wyndham boasts super city views, excellent breakfast and an outdoor swimming pool.


    OK, I don’t know about you, but I think that a bike tour is the best way to get around Athens because you get to exercise and learn the cool history of this city at the same time. It’s a fun way to learn a new destination and meet other traveleres from around the world! 

    Beat is a local alternativetive of Uber in Greece


    There’s no better way to explore Athens than by taking one of the most popular tours of the Greek Capital. From a private tour of Acropolis to fun cooking classes and sailing the Athenian coastline, you will have a blast if you join one of these guided excursions.


    In Greece, the main alternative to Uber is called Beat which operates in several cities across the country, including Athens and Thessaloniki. It functions similar to Uber, allowing users to request rides through a smartphone app, track the driver’s location, and make cashless payments.

    Beat offers various vehicle options, including standard taxis, private cars, and even larger vehicles for group travel. The service has become very popular in Greece since it’s a reliable and convenient option for getting around the cities where it operates.

    How to use Beat in Greece?

    To use Beat, download the Beat app on your smartphone, create an account, and provide your payment information. The app will then display available drivers nearby, estimated arrival times, and an estimate of the fare for your requested ride.


    Yes, Greece has several taxi apps that you can use to book and request taxis conveniently. Here are a few popular taxi apps in Greece:

    1. Beat (formerly known as Taxibeat)

    Beat is a Greek ride-hailing app that allows you to book taxis or private cars through your smartphone. It operates in various cities in Greece, including Athens and Thessaloniki. Beat offers real-time tracking, estimated fares, and cashless payment options.

    2. FreeNow (formerly Taxibeat)

    FreeNow is another ride-hailing app available in Greece. It provides taxi services in Athens and Thessaloniki, allowing users to request rides, track their driver’s location, and pay through the app.

    3. e-Taxi

    e-Taxi is a taxi app available in Greece that connects users with licensed taxi drivers. It operates in multiple cities including Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion, a major city in Crete. The app provides features like live tracking, estimated fares, and in-app payments.

    Is Athens a walkable city?

    Yes, Athens is a walkable city where you can reach most places on foot or use an extensive public transportation network to get around.

    Public transportation is the best way to get around Athens


    Although you can easily get arounf Athens by walking, another option is to use the city public transport. Athens has a well-developed public transportation system like buses, metro, trams, and suburban railways. 

    Here’s an overview of the different modes of public transportation in Athens:

    1. Metro

    The Athens Metro is a rapid transit system with three lines (Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3). It connects various parts of the city, including the city center, major neighborhoods, and the Athens International Airport (ATH).

    2. Buses

    Athens has an extensive bus network operated by the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA). Buses cover the entire city and suburbs, providing a convenient way to travel. There are different types of buses, including standard buses, express buses, and night buses (known as “ΒΟΑ”).

    3. Trams

    The Athens Tram operates along the coastal area of Athens, connecting the city center with the southern suburbs. It runs from Syntagma Square to the coastal neighborhood of Voula, passing through popular areas such as Glyfada and Faliro.

    4. Suburban Railways

    The Proastiakos suburban railways connect Athens with the region of Attica. They provide transportation to nearby cities, such as Piraeus, Corinth, and the Athens International Airport. Suburban trains are a great option for exploring areas outside the city center.

    5. Taxis

    Taxis are widely available in Athens and can be hailed on the street or found at designated taxi stands. It’s important to ensure that the taxi has a working meter, and it’s recommended to ask for a receipt at the end of the journey.

    How to use public transportation in Athens

    To use public transportation in Athens, you can purchase single-use tickets or opt for various types of travel cards, such as the Athens Transport Ticket (which covers multiple modes of transport) or the Athens City Pass. The availability and pricing of tickets may vary, so it’s advisable to check the official websites or contact local transportation authorities for the most up-to-date information.

    Taxi in Athens is a perfect way to get around the city if you don't feel like dealing with public transportation


    Taxis in Athens are a popular way of getting around for both locals and tourists. You can easily hail a taxi on the street by looking for the distinctive yellow color and the illuminated sign on the roof that displays the word “TAXI” when the vehicle is available. 

    Taxi stands are the easiest place to find taxis in Athens – If you prefer not to hail a taxi on the street, you can go to a designated taxi stand. These stands are usually marked with signs and are located at various locations throughout the city.


    Most taxis in Athens have meters Taxi meters

    Taxis in Athens are equipped with meters that calculate fares based on distance and time. Always check if the meter is turned on at the beginning of your journey. Confirm with the driver that they will use the meter before getting in the taxi.

    You could be charged additional fees

    Taxis in Athens operate on a metered system, and the rates can vary. There may be additional charges for luggage or late-night rides. Ask your driver about his or her tariff structure. Not everyone is out to get you, but some unscrupulous taxi drivers charge tourists overly inflated rates as they hope they won’t get caught.

    Communicate your destination clearly

    Although many taxi drivers in Athens speak English, it’s helpful to have the name and address of your destination available on your phone. Additionally, having a map or GPS navigation system can help ensure you’re headed in the right direction.


    In addition to hailing taxis on the street, you can also use taxi-hailing apps like Beat and Taxibeat, which operate similarly to Uber. These apps allow you to request a taxi, track its arrival, and pay for your ride through the app.

    The cost of a taxi in Athens: a complete overview 

    The cost of a taxi in Athens depends on several factors, including the distance traveled, time of day, and any additional charges. Here are some general guidelines regarding taxi fares in Athens:

    Initial charge

    There is an initial charge when you enter the taxi, typically around 1.19 euros.

    Tariff rates

    Taxis in Athens operate on a metered fare system, and the rates can vary depending on the time of day and whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. There are typically two tariff rates:

    Tariff 1 (lower rate)

    This applies from 5:00 AM to midnight on weekdays.

    Tariff 2 (higher rate)

    This applies from midnight to 5:00 AM on weekdays, as well as on weekends and public holidays.

    Kilometer rate

    The meter calculates the fare based on the distance traveled. As of September 2021, the approximate kilometer rate for Tariff 1 is around 0.74 euros, and for Tariff 2, it’s around 1.29 euros.

    Additional charges

    There may be additional charges for luggage, airport pickups, and late-night rides. These charges are typically displayed inside the taxi or listed on the taxi fare card.

    The taxi rates mentioned above are approximate and may change over time. Always check the rates displayed inside the taxi or ask the driver to get an estimate before starting your journey.

    During the time of heavy traffic or if you request a taxi during the night, the fare may be affected by waiting time or increased rates due to the time of day.

    Do I need to tip taxi drivers in Greece?

    Tipping taxi drivers is optional in Greece, but you can always leave a gratuity as a sign of appreciation. 


    Renting a car in Athens is not necessary, and not in many cases not advisable, because of the city’s chaotic traffic, poor road signs and limited parking. The Greek capital is walkable and you can get to most landmarks on foot or by public transportation. Renting a car in Athens makes sense if you want to visit Delphi, Meteora, or the Peloponnese, one of the most popular destinations on mainland Greece. 


    You can find many major car rental companies in Athens like Avis, Budget, and Hertz, among others at Athens Airport. You can also find several local car rental companies in Athens Airport and surrounding areas to skip public transportation and Uber. 

    Although it could be tempting to try to rent a car on the spot, you shouldn’t do it, especially if you are visiting from July through August, because you probably won’t get any great deals on car rentals and will have to choose from whatever is left.



    To rent a car in Greece, you need to meet certain requirements. While they are pretty straightforward, it’s best to know them before arriving at the car rental office. 

    Driver’s License: To rent a car in Greece, you will need a valid driver’s license or an International Driving Permit (IDP) if your license is not in English or Greek. Tourists from the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, and Gibraltar don’t need an IDP to drive in Greece as of November 2021.

    Still, some car rental agencies in Athens could ask for yourIDP. Although you atechnically not required to have this permit to drive in Greece, you will need to furnish it if you get into an accident.

    A passport – A passport is required to verify your identity before you can rent a car in Greece.

    Insurance – It’s a good idea to get insurance when renting a car in Greece. Many car rental companies offer different options including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP). Good insurance will protect you in case of an accident or any damage to the vehicle. Check with your car rental company about available options. 

    Minimum age for renting a car in Greece – The minimum age for renting a car in Greece is 21 years, however, some car rental companies also might have a higher threshold, depending on their policy and a specific destination. If you are under 25, you will likely get charged an additional fee.

    A security deposit – most car rental companies in Greece will require you to put down a deposit, so you will need a credit or debit card readily available when you arrive at the car rental office. 


    Greece is a popular destination, and prices of car rentals could be high during the busy summer season. It’s best to rent your car ahead of time. I recommend DiscoverCars, an online platform that has thousands of vehicles of different types.

    All you need to do is specify the type of vehicle you are looking for and find the right option for your trip. And the best part – You can book your car now and pay later! 



    Acropolis is one of the major landmarks in the Greek Capital which can be reached by taxi in Athens

    Get familiar with the local regulations

    In Athens, there may be specific restrictions or regulations, such as limited traffic zones or parking restrictions. It’s essential to follow the traffic rules and be mindful of parking regulations to avoid fines or penalties.

    It could be tough to find parking in busy areas

    Look for designated parking lots, parking garages, or street parking with appropriate signage and payment meters. Avoid parking in prohibited areas to prevent fines or the risk of towing.

    Always check your car before leaving

    Inspect the rental car thoroughly before driving off and document any existing damages. Take note of the rental company’s contact information in case you need assistance during your rental period.

    Automatic car rental in Athens Greece 

    Many rental cars in Greece have a manual transmission. If you don’t know how to drive a stick shift, book your car rental ahead of time, because cars with an automatic transmission are usually in high demand during the busy season and many car rental companies run out of them very quickly.

    Is it worth renting a car in Athens Greece?

    Renting a car in Athens is a good idea if you want to take road trips around mainland Greece. This way, you don’t depend on public transportation or tours and can plan your trip however you like. Whether you want to explore less-visited beaches or small villages, it’s worth renting a car in Athens to take a break from the big city.


    How much does it cost to rent a car in Athens?

    During the low season, you can pay as little as 20 Euro per day for a car rental, while during the busy summer season, it’s not uncommon to have prices as high as 70-80 Euro per day. If you plan to visit Greece in summer, like most visitors, expect to pay an average of 50 Euros per day for a car rental.  

    Additional factors like the make and model of your vehicle also come into play. Cars with an automatic transmission are usually more expensive and the longer you need your car, the more it will cost.



    Can tourists rent a car in Greece?

    Yes, tourists can rent a car in Greece as long as they have all the required documents and meet the minimum age requirement. 

    What do Americans need to rent a car in Greece?

    To rent a car in Greece, Americans need a passport, a standard driver’s license, and a credit card. An international driving license is not required for visitors from the United States.

    Is it difficult to drive in Greece?

    Driving in Greece could be challenging depending on where you are. For example, Athens is known for its aggressive drivers and chaotic traffic, while more rural areas have fewer cars on the road, but road conditions could be bad. Check road reports and pay close attention to what the road looks like. 

    Greece Car Rental Insurance

    You should get a car insurace when renting a car in Greece, especially if you are going to drive in the country for the first time. A third-party liability insurance is NOT likely to have full coverage if you get into an accident or damage your car. Get full insurance coverage from your car rental company – it will give you peace of mind and protect you when you get on the road.

    You can find a comprehensive car insurance through DiscoverrCars, which has thousands of vehicles in the most popular destinations in Greece.


    Can you drive in Greece with an American license?

    Yes, you can drive in Greece with an American license. The rule applies to all U.S. citizens and U.S. residents who have a valid United States driver’s license, according to the US Embassy in Greece.

    Can you get around Athens without a car?

    You can easily get around Athens without a car, and save some money on top of that. Athens is a walkable city and has a good public transportation system with Metro, buses and suburban trains.

    Porto Timoni is one of the top places to visit in Corfu, Greece


    Unfortunately, Uber in Greek islands like Corfu, Rhodes, or Crete is also not available, but luckily, you have good public transportation options as well as taxi. 

    Is there Uber in Rhodes Greece?

    As of 2023, there’s no Uber in Rhodes, Greece. If you want to get around the island, you can use public buses, take a taxi or rent a car. Rhodes is one of the biggest islands in Greece, and there’s no better way to explore it than by renting a car.

    Use the Rhodes Taxi App when you need a taxi to get around the island.

    Is there an Uber in Crete?

    There’s no Uber or any other ride-sharing services on Crete, so you will need to use a taxi or bus to get around. Since Crete is the biggest island in Greece, renting a car is an excellent idea, since it’s the best option for exploring the area.

    Another option is to rent a scooter or an ATV to get off the beaten path and have more flexibility besides visiting Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymno, major cities on the island where most tourists tend to stay. 

    Is there an Uber in Santorini?

    There’s no Uber in Santorini, but you can easily explore cities like Oia and Fira on foot. Renting a car in Santorini is an option if you want to get away from the crowds and explore less-visited parts of the island for a couple of days. 

    Is there an Uber in Corfu?

    There’s no Uber in Corfu. You can use the local bus system to get around the island or rent a car if you want to explore the stunning coastline of the island, enjoy hikes, and visit small scenic villages. 


    Taxi in Athens is a popular way of getting around the city without using public transportation

    Does Greece have Uber or Lyft?

    Uber has no Uber or Lyft. Since the Greek government essentially banned Uber after local taxi companies protested its expansion, As of 2023, Greece only has Uber Taxi, which operates as a standard taxi cab. 

    Can I use my Uber app in Greece?

    While you can use your Uber app in Greece, you will be able to order only Uber Taxi in popular destinations like Athens, Thessalloniki and Santorini. 

    Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Athens?

    The price of Uber in Athens is slightly higher than a regular taxi. There’s not a whole lot of difference between these two options because Uber Taxis are operated by the same taxi companies that you could get without using UberApp.

    How much is a taxi from Athens airport to the city?

    A taxi fare from Athens Airport to the city depends on the timing of your trip. Expect to pay around 40 Euro for your trip during the daytime and close to 60 Euro any time after midnight. It usually takes between 30-40 minutes to get from the Athens airport to the city.

    Are taxis in Athens cash only?

    Most taxis in Athens operate on cash, however, some drivers also have machines that accept credit cards. Always have Euros if you plan to take a taxi to Athens.

    Do taxis in Athens Greece take credit cards?

    Most taxis in Athens don’t accept credit cards, but you should check with your driver before starting the ride.


    Athens is a gateway to many popular Greek islands and a great place for starting your adventures in the country. 

    While Uber in Greece has been essentially banned, you can take advantage of the extensive public transportation system in many popular destinations or rent a car, if you want to explore some of the bigger islands or take fun road trips around mainland Greece. 

    I hope this article provided valuable insights on how to compensate for the absence of Uber in Greece and enjoy this gorgeous country, no matter what type of transportation you choose during your stay!