Agua Azul is one of the most popular waterfalls in Chiapas which can be visited on a day trip from Palenque

12 Chiapas waterfalls that you can’t miss (2023)

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Chiapas is a real jewel that boasts some of the best waterfalls in Mexico. Unlike other popular waterfalls elsewhere in the country, most Chiapas waterfalls are relatively undiscovered, with many of them offering opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure like swimming, hiking, rappeling and camping.

I’ve traveled all over this part of Mexico and created a list of the most incredible waterfalls that you need to put on your Chiapas itinerary. 

So if you want to see incredible falls where most people don’t get to go and save money (yes, Chiapas is a perfect budget destination), this article is for you!

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Misol-Ha is one of the most popular places to visit in Chiapas

How to visit Chiapas waterfalls?

Besides a couple of waterfalls that can be visited by guided tours, most of them are in remote areas not served by public transportation. If you want to enjoy some of the best Chiapas waterfalls, you need a car.

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You can find car rentals in popular destinations like Cancun, Tulum, San Cristobal De Las Casas, of Tuxtla Guttierez, the largest city in Chiapas that has daily flights to Mexico City, Cancun, and other destinations. 


Las Nubes Chiapas

1. Las Nubes Waterfalls

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Mexico that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, “Las Nubes” means “The Clouds” in Spanish.

This waterfall is located in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve and is surrounded by the Lacandon jungle. It’s a remote and beautiful area, ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Las Nubes is one of the best Chiapas waterfalls

You can explore the area by hiking around the waterfall that brings you to the observation platform from where you can see the gorgeous turquoise water and surrounding jungle in all its glory. 

Since this place is so far away from everything, you will find very few tourists here, which makes for a special experience.

Where’s Las Nubes Waterfalls?

Las Nubes is one of the most spectaculr waterfalls in Chiapas

Where to stay:

📍Ecolodge Las Nubes Chiapas

Entrance fee:

📍The entrance to Las Nubes costs 40 Pesos per person, which is a steal, considering how gorgeous these falls are. 

How to get to Las Nubes: 

📍The best way to get to Las Nubes is by renting a car or joining a guided tour. It’s a remote waterfall which can’t be visited by public transportation.


Can you swim in Las Nubes?

📍While you can’t swim in Las Nubes due to the dangerous currents, the upper portion of the waterfall has several pools of water where you can take a refreshing swim. 

The best way to visit Agua Azul waterfalls in Chiapas is by renting a car

2. Agua Azul Waterfalls

Agua Azul is one the most popular waterfalls in Mexico that consists of a series of cascades and pools with striking blue-green water. 

The limestone formations create a picturesque and unique landscape, and you can marvel at these waterfalls from different observation platforms throughout the area.

Agua Azul is one of the mostpopualr day trips from Palenque

Agua Azul is located within the municipality of Tumbalá, about 64 kilometers (40 miles) from Palenque, and is one of the most popular places to visit Chiapas.

On most days, you will find plenty of tourists here, as most of them come with guided tours from Palenque. 

Agua Azul is a popular day trip from Palenque which can be visited by car, by guided tour or public transport

For the best experience, visit Agua Azul in the morning to avoid crowds. Most tours begin to arrive around 11 a.m., so if you can get here by the opening time, you will have the waterfall to yourself.

Where’s Agua Azul Waterfalls?

Agua Azul is a popular day trip from Palenque that's often viisted with Misol-Ha waterfalls and Palenque ruins

Where to stay:

📍Posada Tzeltal

Entrance fee:

📍40 Pesos per person

How to get to Agua Azul:

📍You can get to Agua Azul by colectivo, car, or take a guided tour from Palenque. Palenque is about 43 miles (69 km) and it takes at least 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there by car. A trip by colectivo (a small shared van) takes an average of 1,5 hours.

If you don’t speak Spanish and have no rental car, taking a guided tour of Agua Azul from Palenque is the best option. 

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Book a guided tour of Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas

Agua Azul is one of the most popular places to visit in Chiapas

Can you swim in Agua Azul?

Yes, you can swim on the lower level of the waterfall near the parking area or in the pools on the upper level.

Make your way to the top of the waterfall where you can find big pools of water near the village. It’s a quiet area, and most tourists stay on lower levels, which means you will have a chance to enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere in a serene setting while watching waterfalls and lush mountains.

Misol-Ha is a popualr waterfall that's commonly visited with Agua Azul

3. Misol-Ha

Misol-Ha is a single-drop waterfall that plunges into a big pool. Visitors can walk behind the waterfall, making it a popular spot for photos and exploration. The name of this waterfall means “water falling” in the local indigenous language.

This impressive 35-meter (115-foot) tall waterfall that plunges into a natural pool below is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, creating a perfect place for spending some time in nature.


Where’s Misol-Ha Waterfalls?

Misol-Ha Waterfall is one of the best day trips from Palenque that's often combined with Agua Azul and Palenque Ruins

Where to stay:

📍Hotel Boutique Quinta Chanabnal

Entrance fee:

📍The entrance to Misol-Ha costs 30 Pesos per person.

How to get to Misol-Ha:

📍The easiest way to get to Misol-Ha is by taking a colectivo. Most travelers come here with a guided tour which also includes stops in Agua Azul and Palenque ruins.


Can you swim in Misol-Ha?

📍Yes, you can swim at the base of the Misol-Ha waterfall as long as you follow precautions and stay within a designated swimming area.

Book a guided tour of Misol-Ha waterfalls

Roberto Barrios is a popular waterfalls near Palenque, Chiapas

4. Roberto Barrios 

Roberto Barrios is a less visited waterfall about 40 minutes from Palenque by car. This natural landmark features a series of turquoise-colored pools connected by small cascades. 

Where’s Roberto Barrios waterfall?

Where to stay:

📍Hotel Bo

Entrance fee:

📍30 Pesos per person

Can you swim in Roberto Barrios?

📍Roberto Barrios is one of the best Chiapas waterfalls for swimming. Here, you can take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pools surrounded by cascading waterfalls and enjoy some hiking after that.

Roberto Barrios Waterfall Chiapas

Book a guided tour of Roberto Barrios waterfalls

Roberto Barrios is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico
Roberto Barrios waterfall Chiapas

How to get to Roberto Barrios?

To get to Roberto Barrios, you can join a guided tour from Palenque or rent a car. It’s a more remote waterfall than Agua Azul and Misol-Ha, so having your vehicle is super helpful, especially if you plan to continue your Chiapas adventures after that. 


5. Welib-Ha

Also spelled as Welib-Ja, this hidden gem is about 30 km south of Palenque.

While this small waterfall is not as spectacular compared to others on the list, it’s still worth a visit. When you arrive at Welib-Ja, you will likely have this place to yourself or might share it with a couple of locals, since very few tourists come here.

If you want to spend more time at the waterfall, you can camp for an additional price, or grab some food at a small restaurant on site. 

Where’s Welib-Ha waterfall?

Entrance fee:

📍25 Pesos 

Can you swim in Welib-Ha waterfall?

📍You can swim in the pool of water below the waterfall. There are also hammocks and a zip-line on site.

How to get to Welib-Ha waterfall:

📍Since public transport is scarce in the area, and most tours don’t include this small waterfall, you will need a car to visit Welib-Ha. If you don’t have a rental car , you can get a taxi from Palenque.

El Chiflon is one of the most popular Chiapas waterfalls

6. El Chiflon waterfals

El Chiflón (also known as (Velo de Novia – Bridal’s veil) is a multi-tiered waterfall known for its tall cascades and emerald-colored pools. Its highest cascade drops approximately 120 meters (394 feet), making it one of the tallest waterfalls in Mexico.

There are hiking trails that allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy the views from different points.

El Chiflon is one of the best waterfalls in Mexico

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and a picturesque landscape, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers.

El Chiflon is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico

El Chiflón offers a variety of activities, including hiking along well-maintained trails that offer different viewpoints of the waterfall, swimming in designated areas, and even zip-lining for those seeking a more adventurous experience.

The waterfall is part of an eco-park known as “Parque Ecoturístico El Chiflón,” which offers amenities such as picnic areas, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Where’s El Chiflon waterfall?

El Chiflon is one of the most popular waterfalls in Chiapas

Entrance fee:

📍50 Pesos per person

Can you swim in El Chiflon?

📍Swimming is not allowed at El Chiflon 

How to get to El Chiflon?

📍You can get to El Chiflon by renting a car, but most tourists come here with a guided tour which also includes a stop at Lagunas Montebello National Park, one of the most beautiful places in Chiapas, and a popular eco-tourism destination in Mexico.

El Chiflon is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chiapas

Book a guided tour of El Chiflon waterfalls

7. Cascada Arco Iris 

Cascada Arco Iris (the Rainbow Waterfall) is a hidden gem of the El Chiflon. Many visitors who visit El Chiflon turn around after taking photos of the famous waterfalls, but there’s more to this place!

From El Chiflon, you can continue to the fourth and fifth waterfalls. Although there’s not a well-marked path, you can ask one of the tour guides or people at the ticket booth at the beginning of the trail to El Chiflon. 

How to get there:

📍To get to Cascada Arcoiris (‘Rainbow Waterfall’), you will need to climb along the steep path, but the track is well worth it, as you will be rewarded with superb views of this little-known waterfall. 

Entrance fee:

📍There’s no separate entrance fee to for this waterfall. 

Can you swim in Arco Iris Waterfall?

📍Swimming is not allowed at Arco Iris

8. Cascada El Asuncion 

A remote waterfall, El Asuncion is a place for real adventurers. This place isn’t accessible by tours or public transportation, and to get here, you will need to hike through the forest for about 1 hour. 

Once you get to the waterfalls, you will enjoy a marvelous sight of one of the most stunning natural sights in Chiapas that most tourists don’t get to see. 

How to get there:

📍Located in the Ejido La Asuncion in the municipality of Palenque, this waterfall is unknown to most traveleres, and your best choice is to hire a local guide who can walk you through the area, as this place is truly remote.

Enrance fee:

📍You should agree on the price with the local guide before hiking the waterfall. Rent a car to get there first.

Can you swim in El Asuncion waterfalls?

📍For safety reasons it’s best to stay out of water as the waterfalls have strong currents in parts of the pools, which could carry you away. 

8. El Aguacero 

Located about 1 hour from Tuxtla Guttierez, El Aguacero is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area that are perfect for travelers who want to get off the beaten path and are not afraid of some exercise.

To reach the canyon, you will need to hike down the stairs which bring you down into the canyon where the falls are. Once in the canyon, you will need to wade through the water, about ankle-deep, or take a trail along the banks of the river. 

While the hike down is relatively easy, as long as you have good hiking shoes with a good grip, the hike on the way back can feel strenuous, depending on your level of fitness.

Bring plenty of water and snacks, as you will be tired by the time you are back.

Where is El Aguacero waterfalls?

How to get to Aguacero waterfalls?

📍The easiest way to get to this waterfall is by joining a guided tour from Tuxtla Guttierez. If you plan on visiting multiple waterfalls, renting a car is always a good option, as you can visit multiple places including waterfalls and Mayan ruins without guided tours.

If you are on a budget, you can also catch a colectivo from Tuxtla Guttierez to the town of El Aguacero for about 40 Pesos. Note that a colectivo will drop you off on the side of the road, and you will need to walk to the entrance of the waterfalls. 

Entrance fee:

📍36 Pesos 

Can you swim in Aguacero waterfalls?

📍Yes, you can swim in the pool at the bottom of the waterfalls. 

Book a guided tours of El Aguacero and other waterfalls

9. El Chorreardero waterfall

Cascada El Chorreadero is a popular waterfall near Tuxtla Guttierez. While it’s pretty small, it boasts a nearby cave leading to an underground canyon with a river, so if you like a good adventure, this place should be on your list. 

Where is El Chorreadero waterfall?

Entrance fee:

📍25 Pesos 

How to get there:

📍You can get to El Chorreadero waterfall by car or join a guided tour. There aren’t many public transportation options, but you can also get a taxi from San Cristobal to get there. 

The canyon surrounding the waterfall is the main attraction of the area, and many tours from San Cristobal to explore the canyon. 

Can you swim in El Chorreadero waterfall?

📍Yes, you can swim at the bottom of the waterfall. 

Las Sombrillas waterfall is a hidden secret of Chiapas

10. Sombrillas Waterfalls Palenque

Moteipa is a small waterfall along the trail to the Palenque archaeological area. The waterfall features several levels of water that flow down a pool of water.

This waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and makes a perfect spot if you want to take a break and enjoy the lush scenery after exploring the ruins in a hot and humid environment. 

Where’s Sombrillas waterfalls?

You can reach many waterfalls in Chiapas from Palenque
Chiapas is home to some of the best waterfalls in Mexico.

Entrance fee:

📍The entrance to Sombrillas waterfalls is free, but you need to pay for the entrance to Palenque, which is 80 Pesos ($4 USD) per person. The entrance to the ruins is free for Mexican citizens and residents of the country every Sunday.

How to get there:

📍To get here, you can take a colectivo from the center of Palenque or take a guided tour of Palenque.

Can you swim in Sombrillas Waterfalls?

📍Since this is a shallow waterfall, there’s no swimming. 

Palenque is one of the most famous ruins in Mexico
You can get to Agua Azul from Palenque by taking a guided tour, a colectivo or renting a car.

Book a guided tour of Palenque ruins

Cascada Golondrinas Chiapas

11. Casa De Las Golondrinas Waterfall (Yatoch Kusam)

The “Casa de la Golondrinas” is translated as the “House of the Swallows” in Spanish, and makes a perfect addition to your road trip, as it’s located deep in the Lacandon jungle.

The waterfalls are a perfect addition to your visit to Bonampak and Yaxchiln ruins in Chiapas, as it’s a short distance away. 

Cascada Golondrinas Chiapas

This remote waterfall boasts amazing pools of water where you can swim and enjoy a tranquil setting. Casa De Las Golondrinas requires a 5-mile hike, which adds to the adventure, but once you arrive at the waterfalls, you are likely to have this place to yourself, as very few people come here.

There are also a few campsites in the area if you want to disconnect and spend time in nature. The waterfall is near the Lacanja-Chansayab village. 

Can you swim in Casa De Las Golondrinas?

📍Yes, you can take a swim in one of the pools at the foothills of the waterfall

How to get to Casa De Las Gololndrinas Waterfall?

📍To get to this waterfall you will need a car. There’s no public transportation or tours at this place.

Cascada Las Golondrinas Chiapas

12. Cascada Las Golondrinas

Not to be confused with the waterfall above, Las Golondrinas is a remote waterfall near a small town Nueva Palestina in Chiapas.

The waterfalls of Las Golondrinas fall down the rocky wall surrounded by lush vegetation like oak, mahogany, ceibas, and rubber trees.

Best places to visit in Chiapas
Best places to visit in Chiapas

Las Golondrinas means swallows in Spanish and the waterfall got its name because of the birds that nest in the caves beneath the waterfall.

Can you swim in Las Golondrinas waterfall?

📍Yes, you can swim in several pools where the current is not so strong.

How to get to Las Gololndrinas waterfal?

📍To get to this waterfall you will need a car, as it’s not served by public transportation. 

Tres Tzimoleras Chiapas
Photo courtesy: Vientomaya_Chiapas

13. Tres Tzimoleras 

Located near the town of Comitan, Tres Tzimoleras is a trio of waterfalls surrounded by the lush jungle that offers rappelling, swimming, paddle boarding, and camping.

It’s a popular eco-tourism destination that makes a perfect day trip from Comitan if you are spending time in the area.

Where’s Tres Tzimoleras

How to get to Tres Tzimoleras:

📍The area is known for its eco-tourism, and you can visit these waterfalls with one of the guided tours from Comitan, or take a taxi from Comitan. Access to the waterfall requires a 4X4 vehicle, which is why a standard car is not an option.

Can you swim in Tres Tzimoleras:

📍Yes, you can take a refreshing swim in Tres Tzimoleras. 

Chiapas waterfalls: FAQ’s 

Las nubes is one of the mots beautiful waterfalls in Chiapas

What is the most beautiful waterfall in Mexico?

The most beautiful waterfall in Mexico is Las Nubes, a multitiered waterfall in Chiapas. It’s a popular destination for eco-tourism thanks to its remote location and pristine environment. 

What place in Chiapas has a turquoise-colored waterfall?

Agua Azul is one of the most popular waterfalls in Chiapas that boasts stunning turquoise waters. 

What place in the state of Chiapas has waterfalls? 

You can find many waterfalls near Palenque and Tuxtla Guttierez, but, there are also some waterfalls like Las Nubes and Las Golondrinas in remote parts of Chiapas that require renting a car.

Can you swim in Agua Azul Chiapas?

Yes, you can swim in multiple pools of Agua Azul waterfalls. Many visitors swim at the base of the waterfalls, but you can also find multiple pools of water in different parts of the waterfall as you walk up the stairs along the waterfalls.

Best Chiapas waterfalls to swim 

Agua Azul, Roberto Barrios, and Welib-Ha are perfect for swimming and can easily accessed from Palenque.

Tips for visiting waterfalls in Chiapas: 

  • Always have enough cash on you – To visit waterfalls, you will need to pay your entrance fees in cash. On-site restaurants and souvenir stores also accept only cash. 
  • Be aware of the driving distance – Many waterfalls are in remote areas, and you should always consider the distance when planning your trip.
  • Learn Spanish – Many waterfalls on the list are located in remote areas, where most locals don’t speak English.
  • Carry snacks – It’s a good idea to have a couple of snacks in your backpack, especially if you plan to hike or spend time in nature.
  • Don’t leave any trash – This is obvious, but you should always pack in and pack out even if there are no trash cans nearby. Leave these waterfalls as beautiful as you found them.
  • Always check if it’s safe to swim – Not all waterfalls allow swimming. Always check with the staff on site before getting in the water.
  • Research transportation options – While you can access some waterfalls by public transport, some require a car rental. Check all transportation options before planning your trip.