How far is Cuba from Florida?

How far is Cuba from Florida?  

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How far is Cuba from Florida?” 

Maybe you were trying to think of a unique vacation destination or saw Cuba as an option on a cruise ship. Or maybe like me, sometimes you want to get a “lay of the land” and visualize the various islands near Florida

Cuba is a Caribbean nation known for its rum, music, cigars, and rich cuisine. I know I’m always up for a delicious dinner of Cuban rice & beans or Ropa Vieja. And Cuban coffee? Doesn’t get any better than that.

The closest I’ve experienced is a food tour in Ybor City, a neighborhood of Tampa, which is known for its Cuban and Latin American restaurants, but I always thought that a trip to Cuba would be phenomenal.

Since Cuba is the closest foreign country to Florida, the question about how far apart these two destinations are comes up a lot.

Are you ready to learn about the distance between Cuba and Florida?

Can I see Cuba from Florida?  

Save yourself the time of trying to peer out across the horizon – you will not see Cuba from Florida. Although Cuba is just over 100 miles from Florida, the topography makes it impossible to see it from anywhere along the coastline of the Sunshine state

Where’s Cuba? 

Cuba is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of the Caribbean. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, with a mainland and many smaller islands. If you look at a map, you’ll see Cuba is quite close to the tip of Florida.

Cuba also shares maritime border with several countries including Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Honduras, and the United States.

How far is Cuba from Florida by miles  

Cuba is approximately 103 miles from Florida (Key West). That distance is specifically from the southernmost spot in Key West (Point Buoy). Florida itself is quite a large state, so most people start their journey to Key West from Miami – and that trip takes about 3 ½ to 4 hours depending on traffic. 

Is Cuba 90 miles from Florida?  

When you visit Point Buoy in Key West, you’ll see a sign that says “90 miles to Cuba.” While that sounds very close, Florida is a little over 90 nautical miles from Cuba. The actual distance between Cuba and Florida is 103 miles. 

Enjoying the beach is one of the best things to do in Hollywood Beach, Florida

Where’s Florida?  

Florida is located in the far Southeast of the United States. It is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

With its stunning beaches and easy access to the rest of the East Coast via interstate, it’s a popular vacation destination for Midwesterners. Many US citizens retire in Florida thanks to its year-round warm weather, low taxes, and numerous retirement communities.

What city in Florida is closest to Cuba?  

Key West is the closest Florida city to Cuba. If you visit Key West, you are bound to visit Point Buoy and there you’ll see the famous “90 Miles to Cuba” sign. 

How far is Cuba from Miami?  

Miami is aboit 330 miles from Cuba. Miami is a fun destination where you can explore South Beach, swim in the ocean, eat delicious food, and check out the sites.

Florida is about 90 natutal miles from Cuba

How far is Cuba from the Florida Keys? 

The gorgeous Florida Keys (specifically the southernmost one, Key West) are the closest US location to Cuba. As you head north through the various keys from Key West, just add the miles to the shortest distance (103 from Key West) and you’ll have an idea of the distance from each one.

Is Cuba closer to Mexico or Florida?  

Cuba is closer to Key West in Florida than it is to Mexico. For example, from Cancun, Cuba is about 317 miles – so it’s more comparable to the distance between Miami and Cuba versus Key West and Cuba.

Getting from Florida to Cuba: an overview  

If you want to get to Cuba from Florida, there are several transportation options. Flying is the quickest way to get to Cuba, followed by boat. 

Since Cuba is an island, traveling by car is not possible. It is not the easiest spot to visit as there are numerous legal regulations, but if you have a proper Visa and reason for visiting, along with a few more hoops to jump through, it is possible. 

How far is Cuba from Florida by boat?

Although Cuba is quite close to Florida (93 nautical miles) getting there via boat will take a bit of time. Technically, the boat ride (at approximately 25 miles per hour) should take you about 3 hours.  

However, the fact that you currently aren’t allowed to visit Cuba as a US citizen without a reason, means it’s not a quick and easy trip – you can’t just hop on a boat and go. When cruise ships are allowed to stop in Cuba that would be an easy way to visit by boat, but it won’t be quick. 

Key West is the closest city in the United States to Cuba

How far is Cuba from Florida driving?

Cuba is an island, so you can’t visit it by driving.

How far is Cuba from Florida by plane?

Flying is the easiest way to get to Cuba, and the distance depends upon where your flight in Florida originates. Miami is the best and easiest airport to travel to Cuba from, and the flight will take just over an hour depending upon weather conditions.

How far is Cuba from Florida by car?

Since Cuba is an island, getting there via car isn’t an option.

FAQs: How Far is Cuba from Florida?

Keywest is the closest part of Florida to Cuba

How far is Cancun from Cuba?

The closest point between Cancun and Cuba is approximately 200 miles (322 kilometers) across the Yucatan Channel, which separates the eastern coast of Mexico from the western coast of Cuba. But Cuba is a large island, and the exact distance between the two countries varies depending on your destination in Cuba.

What is the closest US point to Cuba?

The closest US point to Cuba is Point Buoy in Key West, Florida.

Cuba to Florida swimming distance

Diana Nyad made history swimming from Havana to Key West. It took her 53 hours to cover the distance of 110 miles. 

Can you do a day trip from Miami to Cuba?

Yes, it is possible to do a day trip from Miami to Cuba, but with the numerous requirements to enter and the long list of things to do and see in Cuba, it’s not advisable. If you decide to visit Cuba is something you want to do, you are better off to plan at least a long weekend. That way you can fully immerse yourself in the country and a little more time there will make the effort you need to make to get there more worthwhile.

Can you swim from Cuba to Florida?

Although you technically can swim from Cuba to Florida, the swim between the two countries is strongly discounraged because of the precaurious conditions of the ocean and requires more tha two days.

Final word: 

So there you have it, the answer to your question “How far is Cuba from Florida?” It’s interesting that although the distance is short, there are so many unique things to consider. A 90-mile distance within the US would be simple – hop in your car and go. But that 90-mile distance to Florida from Cuba comes with some challenges since the diplomatic relations between the tow countries have been strained over the last decade.

With its classic American cars, delicious food, and fascinating history, Cuba is a fantastic destination for anyone who loves to explore new places. 

If you are up for the challenge of navigating the necessary regulations and rules for entering Cuba, with its close distance to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands, give it a try for your next adventure.